Uzi changes his League username, possibly hinting at retirement

The League of Legends player has considered it since 2015 due to his shoulder pain.

Photo via Riot Games

Legendary AD carry Uzi might be considering retiring from competing in League of Legends after almost eight years.

Uzi recently changed the in-game name on his KR solo queue account to “ggggggmeile.” It may seem random, but the term “meile” means “no more” in Chinese, which could be hinting at his possible retirement.

Uzi’s contract with Royal Never Give Up expired on May 1 and he became a free agent. Since then, the League community has been speculating about whether he’d retire. 

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The 23-year-old hasn’t officially said anything about retiring. Changing his name could be an answer to his fans, hinting he won’t be available for other teams to sign. But it could also just be a joke.

Even though Uzi is one of the best ADCs in the world, he’s considered retirement since 2015 due to his shoulder pain. In a documentary produced by Nike and the LPL, Uzi said his shoulder pain makes it hard for him to play for long periods of time, which is a problem for pros who practice and compete for long hours every day.

Uzi started his career on Royal Club in 2012 and quickly gained prominence as a highly-skilled mechanical player, staying for two years before moving to two other teams. He then joined RNG in 2016.

He’s had several great performances with the team, making deep runs at the League World Championship several years. Uzi made it as far as the Worlds finals but never claimed the highly-coveted title.

Despite not winning Worlds, Uzi held the record for the most kills in competitive League for years with an impressive 3,141 count during his career. He was only surpassed by nine kills by popular mid laner Rookie.