Upset currently leads all players in the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs with a 13 KDA through the first round

The star AD carry recently won Player of the Series honors in Fnatic's clash against Vitality.

Photo via Riot Games

His name might be Upset, but he and the rest of Fnatic are far from worrying about their chances in the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs. The star AD carry has been stellar so far, boasting the highest KDA among all players who participated in the first round of the pro League of Legends postseason.

The 21-year-old currently has a 13 KDA with 25 kills, 27 assists, and only four deaths through five games. He also leads all playoff participants with the highest early-game stats, while also dealing the second-highest average damage to champions per minute, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

Upset has had quite a season leading up to this playoffs, ever since he joined Fnatic to fill in the giant shoes left behind by superstar and G2 Esports ADC Rekkles. The expectations for Fnatic’s new iteration were reasonably lower than ever before, since the organization had just lost the face of the franchise. Upset was always considered to be a good marksman but was never placed in the same tier as Rekkles.

In a show of strength, however, Upset became one of the most consistent forces on a surprisingly solid Fnatic squad. Through the 2021 Summer Split, he led the league with a 9.3 KDA and the second-most kills through 18 games. He showed off a good selection of champions as well during his summer, with multiple winning games on Tristana, Kalista, Kai’Sa, and Aphelios.

Next round, Upset will need to continue his strong play from the bottom side of the map against Misfits Gaming. Again, Fnatic are playing with fire in the lower bracket, which means if they lose a series here, they’re not only out of playoffs, but they also lose the chance to qualify for the 2021 World Championship.

Catch all of the action when Fnatic take the stage on Friday, Aug. 20.

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