Riot shows off upcoming visual updates for League’s pre-game lobby, loading screen, and post-game lobby

The team is adding a little bit more pizzazz to the client soon.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re a League of Legends player who’s been craving a new look when loading onto Summoner’s Rift, you’ll be glad to know that Riot Games is planning to update specific in-client visuals for the start of the new ranked season.

First, lobbies are getting a bit of a change in look because the developers want to make room for some of the new elements being added with the introduction of Challenges. A player’s Summoner Icon is still featured in the center, but Ranked Armor has been updated to Ranked Crests. You’ll also be able to choose between all the prestige borders that you’ve unlocked over the years, on top of the ranked border you have.

You can also see a player’s chosen title, which is earned by leveling challenges to specific tiers. These can be changed whenever you please. Challenge tokens can be seen right underneath the title, while the position select has been moved next to the button to find a match.

With all the new features headed to the client, the identity menu has also been updated so you can change all of these options to be reflected on your player banner. Your icon, border, tokens, title, and banner will all be customizable and will automatically save once you make your choices.

The League loading screen has been adjusted too and is looking sleeker, even with the new additions to the banners. Along with the new Ranked Crest, the banners have been modernized and now have three sides to them. The first side has their game information, including their champion, ranked border, first strike border, in-game name, title, icon, summoner spells, runes, and honor. The second side has their champion information, including mastery and eternals. Lastly, the player information is featured on the third side with their rank, challenge crystal, and tokens.

After the game, the post-game screens have been split into two features: the Personal Progression screen and the general scoreboard. The first page has your ranked progression, as well as your champion mastery and summoner level.

Your honors received have been made smaller and have also been placed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The big addition, however, is the progression carousel. This shows which challenges and Eternals you were able to level during a match or if you stood out among the rest of your team with a specific stat.


The scoreboard has gotten a bit of a facelift as well. Players will be able to see lane assignments, KDA, gold amounts change to minion kills when hovered over, and a column that can switch from damage dealt to champions and damage taken from champions to healing and shielding numbers and crowd control score.

These adjustments and new systems will be available on the League PBE for a few months for testing.

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