Challenges feature coming soon to League’s PBE

Prepare to showcase your accomplishments in a new way.

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League of Legends’ newest feature aimed at acknowledging the accomplishments of players, known as Challenges, will soon be released on the game’s PBE.

Jordan “Barackprobama” Checkman, competitive team design lead for League, revealed in a new game update blog post today that Challenges, which were teased as part of the upcoming 2022 preseason, are on the way. This feature will enable all types of League players, regardless of how and where they queue, to be recognized for their achievements in a different way than Eternals currently do.

In a new “Challenges” subtab in the player’s profile, they’ll be able to keep track of all of their accomplishments within their games, from clearing multiple objectives in a single game to securing kills on enemy champions. Challenges will be placed into six categories—Imagination, Expertise, Teamwork and Strategy, Veterancy, Collection, and Legacy—with each category containing Challenges that require similar requirements to complete, such as Expertise Challenges requiring mastery of killing champions and minions under specific conditions.

Challenges will level up on a scale resembling tiers in ranked, from Iron to Challenger. Players’ progression through Challenges will be available through the Challenges tab, though like in ranked, only a specific number of players can access each tier at a time. When fulfilling the criteria to advance to the next step of a Challenge, players will be rewarded with points toward their overall Challenges score, as well as Titles that can be attached to their profiles. 

Challenges will soon be available for testing on League’s PBE, with over 300 available from the start. They’re set to be released on the live servers sometime next year.

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