Tyler1 missed Challenger by a single game

Is being reformed even worth it?

Screengrab via Tyler1

Popular streamer and League of Legends personality Tyler1 missed out on Challenger this season by just one game. 

On stream, Tyler1, after losing a game, went to his match history to explain where it all went wrong, as one does when reconsidering their life choices. He went through his losses this season to show the records of each player on his team showing multiple games in which his team members had zero kills with plenty of deaths. 

He didn’t explain his records, because obviously he was just unlucky to have been stuck with other players that just aren’t good enough. While doing this, Tyler1 gravitated to one game that he said was where he should have reached challenger. That game, according to Tyler, would have been his final game and the end of his season. After that, he claims everything went downhill. 

Season nine has officially ended, so Tyler1 will have to wait for next season to continue his grind to challenger. Season ten will start January. 

As for Tyler1, he remained pretty calm on stream, unlike his rage-AFK earlier this week. It seems likely that incident informs this one, but who can say for sure. Ranked gets the best of us all sometimes.

There’s always next season, Tyler.