Tyler1 messes up on Pyke, losses Summoner’s Spells and dragon as a result

That was tough to watch.

Screengrab via Tyler1/Twitch

Sometimes, League of Legends just doesn’t go your way.

Tyler1, the popular Twitch streamer, had one of those days when he was playing Pyke. The match was even and the streamer had a respective KDA around the 18-minute mark. But a series of unfortunate events led to him wasting his Summoner Spells and losing the dragon.

The streamer roamed to the mid lane in hopes of finishing off the enemy LeBlanc. He quickly closed the gap by using his Ghostwater Dive (W) and Phantom Undertow (E), making himself just in range to hit the enemy with Bone Skewer (Q), which would have almost certainly taken out LeBlanc. But, unfortunately, he missed the crucial skill shot and ended up looking silly.

He didn’t want to give up so easily, however. Tyler1 followed his missed Q with Flash and Ignite to make sure that he claimed a kill. And despite finishing off LeBlanc, he received no gold or experience from it whatsoever, because it turned out that he set her clone on fire instead of the real champion.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the enemy team used the situation to grab a free mountain drake. Nevertheless, the streamer managed to win the game in the end with a 44 percent kill participation, according to op.gg.

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