Tyler1 has played more than 40 League games in the past 2 days in his top lane challenge

Will he get Challenger before season ends?

Screengrab via Tyler1/Twitch

Tyler1 has been grinding solo queue League of Legends for the past couple of months to reach Challenger on his top lane-only account. While he was able to get Challenger with the jungle role quite easy earlier this year, the top lane seems to be quite a struggle.

The popular streamer has over 800 games on the account and has been hovering around Diamond for the last couple of weeks already. Boasting a winrate of 54 percent, Tyler1 isn’t giving up and is trying his best to climb to Challenger before the season ends, having played over 40 games in the past two days.

He mainly plays Mordekaiser, Olaf, Urgot, and Cho’Gath as of recent time. Cho’Gath has been a go-to pick which helped Tyler1 achieve a 15 game winstreak in Diamond 2, propelling him to high LP in Diamond 1, close to his Masters tier series. He transitioned quite well to the top lane role, playing utility-oriented builds to help his team carry the game if something goes wrong during his laning phase.

Once a Draven OTP, Tyler1 has transitioned to the jungle and now top lane role quite easily. While others streamers might give up if their account get’s hardstuck in a certain rating, Tyler1 is unlike others. He keeps grinding and reaching his goal until the end. You can catch him in action on his official Twitch channel.