TSM to field full Academy roster during 2022 LCS Lock In tournament

TSM's starters will make their LCS debut when the regular season begins in February.

Photo via Riot Games

TSM will use its Academy League of Legends team during this year’s LCS Lock In tournament, the organization announced today. 

TSM cited issues surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how the virus has prevented the team from practicing together on a consistent basis. Additionally, travel restrictions have made it difficult for the team’s offseason pickups of Keaiduo and Shenyi to arrive in Los Angeles prior to the start of the LCS Lock In tournament. 

As opposed to fielding a roster combined with LCS and Academy-level players, TSM is making the decision to field its entire Academy lineup for the Lock In tournament. When the Lock In tournament begins on Jan. 14, TSM will be competing with a roster that consists of top laner V1per, jungler Hyper, mid laner Takeover, AD carry Instinct, and support Yursan. 

“We have been working for weeks to find a solution to this challenge, and are excited to find an option that gives both teams the opportunity to prepare together, and allows us to participate in Lock In, where we’re excited to showcase our Academy team,” TSM said. 

With this in mind, starters including top laner Huni, jungler Spica, and TSM’s newly signed AD carry Tactical will sit out the entirety of the tournament and make their 2022 debut when the regular season starts on Feb. 5. 

The LCS Lock In tournament begins next Friday, Jan. 14. TSM is scheduled to play the opening game of the tournament against 100 Thieves. 

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