[Translation] Week 6 day 3: Pros cast LPL matches

Guest for day 3: Ackerman/GodLike SHRC vs. M3 Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93444 Game 1: Pre-game banter Hostess 1: Ok first game is SHRC vs. M3. GodLike can you reveal some of the inner workings of Royal Club?

Guest for day 3: Ackerman/GodLike

SHRC vs. M3

Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93444

Game 1: Pre-game banter

Hostess 1: Ok first game is SHRC vs. M3. GodLike can you reveal some of the inner workings of Royal Club?

Hostess 2: I heard HYY left the team.

GodLike: Um at the moment he hasn’t returned yet. He is still talking with the management. I can’t reveal the details.

Hostess 2: How is SHRC looking right now?

GodLike: Well you saw them lose to EP yesterday. Today they may not feel confident against M3 who won 2:0 against Snake. I think their first game is going to decide the overall series. A positive mentality is important for SHRC. Since the New Year celebration just finished, SHRC still lacks practice and doesn’t have the ability to play different comps. as freely.

Hostess 2: Judging by the SHRC players’ champion pools recently, which champions do you think they will pick?

GodLike: So what I heard was top lane Rumble, jungle Hecarim, mid lane Leblanc, and bot lane Graves paired with any support that Zero use. It’s a comp. consisting of champions that the team used a lot in practice.

Hostess 1: Hecarim is a popular top lane pick at the moment. Unfortunately, not many teams have won with him.

GodLike: That’s because Hecarim’s power depends on his items. He tends to be weaker in the early game and takes a long time to scale. Hecarim became popular because the Korean teams like to use him, and he is very popular in solo Q. Amongst all the top laners he has the best scaling.

Hostess 2: Have you practiced Hecarim?

GodLike: Of course. In LPL matches I have seen a lot of Hecarims build tanky items first, but in Solo Q people rush Tri-force with boots to one shot enemy carries.

Pick & ban

GodLike: Veigar banned, OP champion. Rengar target ban against Insec. M3 first picks Gnar to take away from Cola. (SHRC picks Graves and Hecarim) Ah there you go, I guessed right.

Hostess 2: M3’s bot lane played well against Snake’s bot lane yesterday.

GodLike: Ya, I think M3 developed better synergy now that more than half of the season is finished. Here comes the true power of M3. I feel like M3 should have picked Xerath because they have the Vi to lockdown the enemy, and Xerath can land his skillshots from afar.

Hostess 2: Wow really Hecarim jungle. Why not Rumble top? Why Hecarim jungle?

GodLike: I guess SHRC wants to play it safe by not picking Rumble in the first game. Insec picked Hecarim because he has been spamming the horse in solo Q. He picked TP to help the other lanes around the map.  For top lane Hecarims, they usualy take ignite to prevent getting 1v1’d on because his laning is weak without it.

GodLike: M3 has the stronger early game due to Leona+Kalista, and Gnar is really strong against Maokai. SHRC should lane swap. Mid lane Ahri vs. Leblanc is a skill lane, but Leblanc is stronger for early-to-mid game roaming. Vi is also a stronger ganker than Hecarim early. SHRC’s team comp. takes time to scale up, but in late game that comp. should win easily.

GodLike: Cola’s laning right now is not as good as before. He gets caught a bit more than before.


GodLike: SHRC had the early game advantage but gave up too many Dragons.

Hostess 1: M3 also took the Baron, but misplayed the last team fight.

GodLike: Dade got left behind by Vi and wasn’t able to follow up. Graves dash+flash took him too far from Dade.

Game 2: Pre-game banter

Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93565

Hostess 1: Ok GodLike time to guess again! What will SHRC pick?

GodLike: M3 is going to ban Hecarim. I think SHRC will play safe and pick Irelia/Maokai/Gnar instead of Rumble. SHRC will most likely pick Xerath for a safe scaling and stalling if they happen to lose control of the game. SHRC will pick Graves again.

Pick & ban

GodLike: SHRC takes Kassadin. I don’t think M3 is going to first pick Gnar. Ahri and Leblanc are both available so there is no reason to first pick either. M3 takes Thresh and Lee sin. Thresh is a good pick once Janna gets banned because he is OP. Thresh+Lee sin combo makes early game skirmishes really powerful because the two champions can cover great distances.

GodLike: SHRC takes Graves+Leona for that level 6 instant kill in lane. SHRC is most likely going to pick a tanky jungler to engage in team fights before Kassadin. (Insec takes Fiddlesticks) I guess they are picking all-in champs! Fiddle is a good pick because he can protect Graves, and Lee sin would be afraid of going in because he will get feared mid-air.  M3 might pick Zed against Kassadin mid, but Zed right now is kinda weak. The Azir pick is mostly for his ultimate’s ability to push away Irelia and Fiddlestick. But Kassadin can rift walk over the sand soldiers.

GodLike: Looks like SHRC’s comp. scales and team fights well, and M3’s comp. is good at sieging and protecting towers. M3 once again took a stronger laning comp. with Lee Sin controlling the early jungle. Fiddlesticks beat Lee in a 1v1 situation if they meet in the jungle. It looks like both teams are going to swap bot lanes. It’s funny that both of their ADCs got rekt in the previous game.


GodLike: M3 played well in the team fight when SHRC had the Baron buff. Dade always seems to wake-up only in late game team fights.

WE vs. VG

Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93444

Game 1: Pre-game banter

Hostess 2: What do you feel are WE’s chances against VG?

GodLike: Despite WE’s win yesterday, I feel VG has a better chance to win. WE is probably making a push towards top 8 by the end of the season. 

Hostess 2: Maybe they can win IEM! Wouldn’t it be awesome if the bottom LPL wins IEM?

GodLike: Let’s not get our hopes up.

Hostess 2: I see that WE is always using YuZhe as support instead of Conan.

GodLike: I guess you can say YuZhe mesh better with the team than Conan.

Hostess 2: The junglers from both teams have a similar gank success ratio. VG’s bot lane improved a lot. In the early days, Vasili got destroyed bot. He carried harder in recent games.

GodLike: Dandy and Mata’s roaming is really powerful. But it depends on Vasili to output damage in teamfights. WE focuses on Ninja+Spirit. Usually the teams have the Korean imports as their core.

Pick & ban

GodLike: VG banned Styz’s Corki, a go-to pick for him. Looks like VG is target banning WE and WE is just banning meta champions. You guys know the Sion bug where he can stutter and turn his ultimate? It’s so OP! WE bans Mata’s Janna. VG takes the OP Nidalee pick. Looks like TP+Ignite for the top laner, another Hecarim pick. Hecarim is popular after New Year now that everyone got time to practice him.

GodLike: I feel like WE should have taken Vi instead of Rek’sai. Vi is really strong against Nidalee. Rengar is also an ok pick in this situation. Nidalee’s play style is to poke people in lane with her AP items, but she is weak against hard engages. VG got a good poke comp. but lacks engages. Hecarim is a risky champion for starting an engage because he might miss his ultimate or not hit many people.

GodLike: I feel like WE should have taken Leblanc over Ahri. She is not as burst-heavy in the current patch. And if she jumps into VG’s comp. she will get locked down easily, plus Morgana has her black shield. The popular strategy for Nidalee right now is to take two buffs and find the enemy jungler, and if she can land her Q it’s a guaranteed kill. In the bot lane we have Sivir+Thresh vs. Morgana+Graves. Sivir counters Morgana with her spell shield that can block bindings. Also, if Sivir decides to shove the lane there is nothing Graves can do.


Hostess 2: Congrats to VG for a quick and decisive win!

GodLike: I think VG won due to the play at the bottom lane with Mata’s re-engage. The current meta depends on which team can reinforce a skirmish faster. Nidalee cleared her jungle faster and came earlier to help. WE’s Ahri also tried to kill Xerath two times, failed the first time and got counter ganked by Nidalee the second time, giving up two kills.

Hostess 2: Mata is definitely the MVP with his godly bindings.

Game 2: (VOD skipped to P&B)

Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93738

Pick & ban

GodLike: Styz picks Kalista after his Corki got banned. Ezreal mid has a lot of damage output for WE. Ezreal has an advantage early game against Xerath, but the match-up becomes harder by mid game.

GodLike: If VG picks Xerath, Graves, J4 and Rumble, they will have ridiculous AOE burst in team fights. They picked Gnar instead. I recommend Gnar for the extra tankiness against the two ADCs on WE. Gnar also has a lot of CC, and he can stack armor with ninja tabis because WE doesn’t have much AP damage.

GodLike: J4 used to be powerful but teams became too familiar with his palystyle. He is kinda weak without his ultimate to create an advantage in team fights.


Hostess 2: Another 1:1 game. Soon WE is going to fight for China on the international stage!

GodLike: Yes within a week.

Hostess 1: Lol let’s not talk about that…I think a 1:1 is a good conclusion to the week, no fighting amongst their fans at least. We saw Ninja can play a pretty good Ezreal.

GodLike: Ya his Ezreal played the laning and team fights really well. I feel VG got out-pressured in every lane. Despite taking the first Dragon, Vasili got caught and Ezreal got fed off of a triple kill.

Hostess 1: Both of the games revolved around chasing the Gnar.

GodLike: The reason VG lost the team fights was because Xerath and Graves weren’t able to kill WE’s front line. And VG’s tanky Maokai didn’t have enough damage to take out WE’s carries before the front line went down.

Hostess 1: Once again we can say congrats WE!

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