Translated Interview with LoveLing and Dada777

Interview with OMG LoveLing and Dada7 after they beated FNC,. Their goal is the win the remaining 4 games. Original Published: 2014-09-27 13:52:14 Original Chinese Article:

Interview with OMG LoveLing and Dada7 after they beated FNC,. Their goal is the win the remaining 4 games.

Original Published: 2014-09-27 13:52:14

Translated by: Ryan Tang

Although the road to the playoffs is not going to be easy, OMG seems very confident after they beat FNC and get their first win.

The following is the interview:

Q: Gogoing mentioned in an earlier interview that Cool took Zilean mid was because you were afraid to play him [in support]

Dada7: Since FNC ran a Thresh-Lucian bot lane, I belived that we would have to play if I picked Zilean.
Q: This question is for LoveLing. We often saw you using Evelynn in Jungle. Is there a reason behind it? Is this the new game plan mentioned by TT ( the team’s coach)?
LoveLing: I used Widowmaker mainly to match with zilean. Furthermore, I am more familiar with this champion.
Q: Goging said you want to win the next 4 games.

LoveLing: All of us really want keep up the momentum by winning the remaining games.
Q: Dada7, why are you holding a hand warmer?
Dada7: The air conditioner on the platform was too cold.
Q: Has the cold affected your performance?
Dada7: It affected me on the first day. Today is much better.
Q: Dada7, there have been a lot of fans debating mistakes you made during the games. Today, you did pretty well in the game with Fnatic. Is there something you like to say?
Dada7: I listen to my coach and teammates after each game and then I try to do better in the next game
Q: Elise, the Spider Queen was not used often during the earlier groupstage, however Elise was used very often in Group C and D . Is there a reason behind it?
LoveLing: I think this is just because different team favors different champions. Junglers in LPL region usually prefer Rengar and Elise. Actually European and Korean teams are also comfortable playing Elise. I use Elise mainly when she fits well into our team compositions. I also think Elise is just a good Champion.
Q: Dada7, when Western casters mention your IGN, they usually spell the whole name. Do plan to change it to a shorter ID?
Dada7: I think I should make some changes. I did not expect them to spell out the full ID.
Q: What is the main reason that Fnatic beat SSB?
LoveLing: I think the main reason SSB lost was because they didn’t take care of their top laner and he fell too far behind. If they hadn’t lane swapped, I think that their bot lane could have carried the game.
Q: For those who follow closely OGN games realize Korean teams have good handle of the vision and tempo during the late game.
Dada7: We had a long postmortem after we lost the game yesterday. Based on this experience, we will try to minimize our mistakes.
Q: After today’s win with Fnatic, what do you think about your chances on the remaining games?
Dada7: I believe we will have above 50% chance on our remaining games.