Top Esports reclaim first place in LPL standings after dominant win over DMO

JackeyLove had a monstrous Ezreal performance.

Photo via Riot Games

Top Esports are back in first place in the 2020 LPL Summer Split following a dominant 2-0 series win over Dominus Esports today.

Both of TES’ carries earned MVP votes today. JackeyLove took home the honors for his 10/1/8 Ezreal performance, while Knight earned it for his monstrous Zoe in the mid lane.

The series began with a heavy focus on TES’ bottom lane. At the three-minute mark, DMO tried to dive JackeyLove and his support. But an early teleport by mid laner Knight saved his bot duo.

Even though DMO kept trying to focus on the bottom side of the map, they were wildly unsuccessful. TES were always prepared and on point to defend their bottom lane. Despite not picking up any kills in the bottom lane, though, DMO’s pressure allowed them to secure an early Ocean Dragon. But this didn’t really have an impact on the game in the long run.

After trading a kill or two, the teams decided to engage in a heavy brawl in the top lane without any objectives present. TES proceeded to pick up the Baron and finish the first game of the series in dominant fashion.

The second game was much more passive with both teams playing safely. While DMO tried to outscale TES, they were unsuccessful since TES farmed better and focused on neutral objectives in a more efficient manner.

After being behind in kills but ahead in gold, TES focused on the Baron. They cleared the vision in the pit and baited DMO in. Before DMO realized what was happening, the Baron was already dead. TES still turned around and picked up multiple kills to secure a clear path to the series victory.

TES are now 10-1 in the 2020 LPL Summer Split, while DMO fall to 1-11.

TES’ next match is against Invictus Gaming. The winner will end week eight of the LPL Summer Split in first place. The former world champions have drastically improved over the past couple of matches and might finally be able to put a stop to TES’ dominance.

You can watch this match on the official Riot Games LPL channel on Sunday, July 26 at 6am CT.