TLDR: League of Legends Patch 7.4 Notes

Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what's going on.

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Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what’s going on. So down below, I’m going to quickly summarize all that was said in the recent 7.4 League of Legends patch in the least amount of words possible.

This patch is set to bring tons of stability to the client and practice mode, as well as a host of other changes. Some of these alterations are worth noting, but some, like all Yordle artwork being changed so they have four fingers, not so much.

For those interested in the full patch and every detail, click here.

Cho’Gath Update


This is the biggest surprise of the patch, with Riot updating the champion in a small way to make him stronger.

Feast can stack infinitely against champions and epic monsters, and stacks no longer fall off on death. Feast’s ability power ratio went down, but a bonus health ratio was added.

They have updated Feast to boost the cool aspects of Cho’Gath’s colossal, slobbering Void monster fantasy, while removing the frustration of losing stacks when killed (it was a pretty terrible experience to reverse-snowball after a death). This makes Cho less of a gamble, while making tank builds feel like a good choice.

In short:

  • R – Changes to the rules around Feast stacks.
  • Cho’Gath no longer loses Feast stacks on death.
  • Feast can now stack infinitely (only five stacks can be gained from minions and non-epic monsters, though they don’t have to be the first five).
  • Feast no longer heals Cho’Gath when it kills a unit at max stacks (nomming a sixth minion or non-epic monster doesn’t do anything beyond damage).
  • Feast no longer grants two stacks on champion kill or half mana and cooldown refund on minion kill.

Champion Updates



Bard’s been away from the rift for a while now (*sad chimes*). To help the golden boy out, Riot is boosting his wandering skills to help Bard do what Bard does best: roaming and playmaking.

  • Bonus movement speed when collecting Chimes increased (24% +14% after first).



Riot is toning down Missile Barrage’s contributions to the first two, but leaving the Big One intact as an impactful moment for Corki and his opponents to play around. To that end, Riot is adding a tracker for Corki’s progress toward the Big One, so foes can react accordingly.

  • R – Normal missile damage down (75/100/125).
  • R – Ability Power Ratio Down (20%).
  • Missile count now tracked on secondary resource bar.



The slow on Curtain Call still works as a set-up for his team to dive in, but won’t allow him to single-handedly kill squishies by spoon-feeding him every ult shot.

  • R bullets’ slow duration decreased (0.5 Seconds).



Katarina had two more base MR than she was supposed to. Whoops.

  • Base magic resistance down to 32.



Maokai will still be a mighty oak in the late game, but unless he branches into some early mana items, he won’t have the resources to farm and fight if he’s on the losing side.

  • Q mana cost up (45/50/55/60/65).
  • E impact damage removed – No longer damage when lands.



We’re targeting Q’s bonus damage, ensuring power’s pulled more heavily from matches where Ryze players are far more diligent in priming their targets with Spell Flux before tossing out an Overload.

  • Q bonus damage on E’d targets reduced (40/50/60/70/80%).

Item Changes

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Now that Lethality’s found its place in the stats system, we’re bringing Ghostblade in line with Dirk’s other upgrades.

  • Lethality down (20 to 15).

The Black Cleaver item.png

Black Cleaver

Swapping Caulfield’s Warhammer for a Kindlegem works out well for champs who need to live long enough to cycle through several rounds of spellcasts, versus champs who want to down their target in one go.

  • Builds out of Kindlegem instead of Caulfield’s Warhammer.
  • Health up (400)
  • Attack damage down (40).

Last Whisper item.png

Last Whisper

We’re letting Last Whisper serve as that reactive purchase all on its own, at the expense of effectiveness against targets without armor to pierce.

  • Armor penetration up (45%).
  • Attack damage down (10).

Lord Dominik's Regards item.png

Lord Dominik’s Regards

We’re making Lord Dominik’s far less tolerant of Cleaver’s bonus health. Fortunately, this shouldn’t impact champs who are happy to buy Lord Dominik’s on its own.

  • Damage bonus requires enemies to have more health than before.

Giant Slayer item.png

Giant Slayer

  • Carry-over changes keep Giant Slayer and Lord Dominik’s consistent.

Knight's Vow item.png

Knight’s Vow

A support’s inventory quickly fills up with multiple items like Sightstone, gold items, boots, and wards, leaving little room for components. Riot wants supports to feel comfortable building towards Knight’s Vow, so Riot is simplifying its build path.

  • Build path simplified.

Crystalline Bracer + Crystalline Bracer + Cloth Armor + 700 gold (2300 total) >>> Crystalline Bracer + Chain Vest + 850g (2300 total)

Masteries Changes

Fervor of Battle mastery 2016.png

Fervor of Battle

  • Stacks last longer (eight seconds).

Image result for warlords bloodlust icon

Warlord’s Bloodlust

  • Less lifesteal (15%).

General Game Changes

Ward Reveal Rewards

Wards now grant full gold to both the player who revealed them and the player who killed them (bonuses don’t stack if the revealer also kills the ward).

  • Revealing wards is more rewarding.

Catch-Up Experience

Riot wants champions to be fairly rewarded for setting up the plays that lead their teams to victory at the expense of their own leveling.

  • Under-leveled champions can better catch up to their teammates.

Turret First Blood

There’s a fine line between “working towards first turret is a valuable goal” and “let’s just always five-man gank bot.”

  • Gold reward down.


  • Blackout passive no longer triggers individually on clones. We’re looking at you, Wukong.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities with circle range indicators were not displaying them correctly across elevation change.
  • Elise now correctly is not hit by turret missile projectiles during her E – Rappel invulnerability phase.
  • Jhin’s fourth shot now correctly crits after he takes Thresh’s W – Dark Passage.
  • Fixed a bug where Camille’s second cast of E – Hookshot wasn’t granting attack speed on hitting an enemy champion if she buffered her R – The Hextech Ultimatum.
  • Kled now can correctly dash through player-created terrain with his second cast of E – Joust.
  • Fixed a bug where Edge of Night’s active showed a radius when hovered over.
  • Kha’Zix now no longer is prevented from using his R – Void Assault passive by being “in combat” when stepping on Honeyfruit or attacking plants.
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank got a massive Movement Speed boost upon killing multiple units with E – Powder Keg while being hit by Nautilus’ E – Riptide.
  • Nasus no longer plays the SFX for R – Fury of the Sands for the whole duration if he is dead.
  • Fixed a bug where clones killing the Rift Scuttler caused erratic behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where game scoreboard icons would overlap.
  • The larger sphere from the Hexdrinker/Maw of Malmortius buff now appears in the appropriate location.
  • Classic Anivia no longer uses Blackfrost Anivia’s falling particles for R – Glacial Storm.
  • Buffs on Anivia now correctly align on her body even when she flies around for herQ – Flash Frost and R – Glacial Storm.
  • Blackfrost Anivia no longer has two bones jut out of her neck when using her Joke emote. You could say we got rid of her funnybones.
  • Heartseeker Varus now correctly gets audio when hitting an enemy in Fog of War with Q – Piercing Arrow.
  • Blood Lord Vladimir now correctly gets audio quotes when he attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where Lunar Wraith Caitlyn’s Q – Piltover Peacemaker SFX were distorting when hitting multiple minions.
  • Primetime Draven’s Q – Spinning Axe no longer incorrectly uses Pool Party Draven’s SFX.
  • Fixed a bug where Urf the Nami-tee’s side fins bent outwards during her recall animation.
  • Fixed a bug on Arcade Corki where his model didn’t immediately reappear after his recall animation.

Upcoming Skins

Festival Queen Anivia

Image via SurrenderAt20

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