TLDR: League of Legends Patch 7.3 Notes

Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what's going on. So down below, I'm going to quickly summarize all that was said in the recent 7.3 League of Legends patch in the least amount of words possible.

Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what’s going on. So down below, I’m going to quickly summarize all that was said in the recent 7.3 League of Legends patch in the least amount of words possible.

But before that, it is worth mentioning that these will be the last patch notes that Patrick “Scarizard” Scarborough, Riot’s former live balance designer, takes part in. All of us at GAMURS wish him well in the future.

Champion Updates



Riot is slicing the Steel Shadow from both ends, improving her opponent’s odds whichever route they choose.

  • Q empowered damage down.
  • W slow and E stun decreased.
  • E attack speed only granted if a champion is hit.



Riot is pushing up Daisy’s vulnerability so that “barely surviving” a skirmish doesn’t just win her the next one.

  • Daisy no longer regenerates her health
  • Daisy is also less tanky.



Hitting damage offsets last patch’s lethality buffs by restoring some early-level breathing room for opponents, while upping E’s mana cost means Jayce only has so many “E”-ject buttons before he runs out of resources.

  • Hammer Q and R damage down.
  • Hammer E mana cost up.



Kha’Zix should still be favored in isolated situations overall, but cutting down Taste Their Fear’s aggressive scaling should give classic duelists (like Elise or Lee Sin) the upper hand when striking first.

  • Q ratio down.
  • Evolved Q cooldown refund on Isolated targets down.



Riot is reining in her early-game burst to give opponents a window where they can actually win a fight.

  • Passive damage reduced at early levels.



Riot is taking steps to reduce the aggravation that Malzahar Voidlings are causing away from their home lane. Malz players who plan ahead will still be able to make some sick space-crab plays, but Void Swarms of opportunity will be easier to deal with.

  • Voidlings are slower if they stray from Malzahar and have a small delay before spawning.
  • W has a cooldown between casts.



Riot is tightening the leash on Knifecat’s ability to dine-and-dash large groups while keeping his efficacy at solo missions largely intact.

  • Q dash distance down.
  • Empowered W no longer gives CC immunity after cleansing.
  • R duration down.



Riot is increasing the uptime on Tristana’s main steroid, allowing her to keep rapidly firing while Goomba-stomping opponents in extended fights.

  • Q lasts longer.



For a champion with a two-charge attack reset and two gap-closers, her base movement and attack speeds were a touch out of line. The only thing that should be excessive about Vi is her force.

  • Movement speed reduced
  • Base attack speed reduced.



These changes are meant to introduce some level of consistency across the various flavors of Vlad. Improving his basic attack helps players who struggle to last-hit without meaningfully buffing veterans who have their farm game on lock.

  • Basic attacks are stronger and faster.
  • Q deals more baseline damage
  • Crimson Rush bonus reduced to compensate.



Zyra will still carry the “anti-melee” crown when she lands her spells, but opponents that bob and weave past Deadly Spines and Grasping Roots will find footing to retaliate.

  • Plants don’t auto-target champions on spawn if a closer enemy target exists.
  • Q costs more mana.


Practice tool will start rolling out region-by-region throughout the whole patch… and that is it. IT IS FINALLY HERE.


  • Warwick no longer displaces enemy champions and epic monsters with Q – Jaws of the Beast.
  • Fixed a bug where, if Quinn canceled a basic attack against a target marked byPassive – Harrier and quickly attacked again afterward, Harrier didn’t deal bonus physical damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the active of Mikael’s Crucible’s was instantly cleansing incoming CC during the slow immunity.
  • Selling or Undoing the purchase of Duskblade of Drakthaar now correctly removes the Nightstalker passive.
  • Fixed a bug where entering stealth with Q – Ambush was causing Twitch to stop attacking when Taunted.
  • Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E – Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R – The Hextech Ultimatum to another.
  • Minion spawns can no longer be blocked with Zz’Rot Portal.
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank could critically strike structures directly after cancelling an attack on an E – Powder Keg.
  • Kled’s W – Violent Tendencies no longer activates when used on plants or when Kled cancels his basic attack.
  • Challenging Smite no longer incorrectly states that it grants vision of stealthed champions.
  • Clones now copy the ‘linked’ indicator VFX of Zeke’s Harbinger.
  • Red Brambleback no longer hits the air instead of the ground during his two-handed strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Azir’s E – Shifting Sands was missing on-hit particles upon killing an enemy unit.
  • Azir now correctly has a shadow during his death animation.
  • Fixed a bug where gunshot audio of various champion attacks wasn’t playing in Spectator or Replays.
  • Made the Mark of the Elder Dragon buff visuals more consistent on lower graphical settings.
  • Krug splitting audio is no longer audible through Fog of War.
  • Gangplank’s Q – Parrley visual effects no longer stick around for too long.
  • Fixed a bug on most of Kennen’s skins where the on-hit particles for his basic attack were not properly appearing.
  • Kha’Zix’s dance VO now loops more consistently.
  • Deep Sea Nami’s head fin no longer bends into her shoulder.
  • Made Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao’s Q – Three Talon Strike more color-blind friendly.
  • Fixed a bug where Elementalist Lux’s E – Lucent Singularity had no particles for its inner orb.
  • Removed a frame of Battle Boss Blitzcrank’s idle animation from the end of his recall animation.
  • Fixed a bug where Boom Boom Blitzcrank’s golden buckle was stretching severely during his death and R – Static Field animations.
  • Fixed a few bugs where some skins were stealing visual and audio effects from other skins of the same champion when both were in the same match together.
  • Champions affected by Star Guardian Lulu’s W – Whimsy now correctly display their champion name as “Blob” in the chat.
  • Arcade Sona’s W – Aria of Perseverance shield particles now correctly disappear when the shield is broken.
  • Fixed a bug where Pulsefire Ezreal’s flying animation stopped, but the audio didn’t.
  • SSW Talon’s W – Rake blades no longer look like Talon’s normal blades on the return trip for everyone else but him.

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