TiP management allegedly fails to pay players; Riot bans from LCS

Riot alleges Team Impulse's management has both failed to pay their players on time and to keep players on a valid contract. They are banned from participating in the LCS and are fined $20,000.

April 8. 2016 — Riot rules that Team Impulse has been”disallowed from participating in the LCS”. In a statement releasedon lolesports, Riot alleges Team Impulse has “repeatedlyfailed to pay their players on time and to provide valid contractsof their players, as required by the LCS Rules and Team Agreement.”While Team Impulse recently secured a spot in the 2016 NorthAmerican LCS Summer Split via a 3-1 victory over Apex Gamingat the 2016 Spring Promotional Tournament, generalmanager Lucas Wen told Yahoo Esports on April 11 that theorganization was seeking an investment partner.

According to the competitive ruling, Riot has “verifiedthat all players [on TiP] have received their minimum playercompensation.” But because there are allegedly no written contractsbetween Team Impulse and their players, Riot states they “have noobjective way to determine who is correct about the additionalmoney owed.

As punishment, Riot games have “disallowed [Team Impulse]from participating in the LCS”. The organization is subsequentlyrequired to “sell all rights and legal claim to their LCS berth” by11:59pm PST on May 18th. This is accompanied by a $20,000 fine.

Riot has also announced that Renegadesand TDK are banned from participating in Riot-sanctionedevents.