Thresh and Darius set to be nerfed, Lux receiving buffs in League Patch 11.10

Thresh has already received a barrage of nerfs in 2021.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has extensively previewed some of the changes coming to the game in Patch 11.10. 

Twelve different champions are slated to receive nerfs and buffs in Patch 11.10, a relatively low number considering 19 champions were altered in Patch 11.9. Several changes are coming to solo laners with champions like Galio and Darius both set to receive nerfs in Patch 11.10. Darius players will notice a six-second increase to the cooldown of Apprehend (E), making his engagement potential slightly less favorable. 

Assassins, such as Talon and Katarina, will also receive nerfs to their attack damage and movement speed, respectively. 

But no role is being tweaked more than support in Patch 11.10. Champions like Thresh and Bard will be receiving nerfs, while damage-dealing supports such as Lux and Zyra are set to receive heavy buffs to some of their core abilities. 

The nerfs to Thresh shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. The champion has seen his power decrease steadily throughout 2021. Patch 11.10 will be the fourth update to bring Thresh nerfs to the table. This time around, Thresh players can expect his base health to be reduced from 561 to 530, a nerf that should significantly reduce the champion’s early-game skirmish potential.

As far as support buffs go, Lux, in particular, will see a damage increase to Lucent Singularity (E), especially in the later stages of the game. The ability’s base damage and ability power ratio are both seeing buffs in Patch 11.10, setting her up to be more of a burst-focused mage than she already is. 

Other champions receiving significant buffs in Patch 11.10 include Kennen and Kayle, surely bringing more ranged champions into the top lane meta. 

Patch 11.10 is slated to hit the live servers on May 12, according to the official League patch schedule

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