This record-breaking Sion boasts over 1 million health

This Sion is a nightmare for AD carry players everywhere.

Image via Riot Games

Avert your eyes AD carry mains, not even Lord Dominik’s Regard’s percent health damage would help you take down the recently created 1,026,499 health Sion.

Reddit user “LegendEloc” has broken the health record for any champion in the span of 60 minutes as Sion. The previous health record was held by Reddit user “Caenen” and his 142,091 health Sion.

Created in League of Legends’ practice tool, LegendEloc’s beefy Sion was able to gain an 1,026,499 health bar thanks in part to his soul furnace passive ability, which gains Sion 4-15 health every time he kills a unit.

Sat in the Krugs pit, LegendEloc repeatedly killed and resummoned the jungle camp in addition to a separately-placed target dummy. And with LegendEloc wielding the Overgrowth rune, which permanently increases the user’s health by 0.2 percent for every eight monsters or minions that die around them, this Sion was easily able to amass a ton of health—granted the feat took an hour.

In order to expedite the camp-killing process, LegendEloc bought three Phantom Dances, Titanic Hydra, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and of course the Stalker’s Blade, which grants its user 40 extra damage against jungle monsters.

In total the soul furnace passive gave LegendEloc’s Sion 124,451 health, while Overgrowth gave him 880,968 health.

Having a health bar of over one million, LegendEloc’s soul furnace active shield protected him from 123,168 damage, since the shield is 12 percent of Sion’s maximum health. Such a huge shield was able to protect LegendEloc’s Sion from the execute ultimate abilities from Pyke and Urgot.

Thankfully, LegendEloc’s Sion is contained within his practice tool, and will never see the light of competitive play—hopefully.