This Blitzcrank just pulled off an incredible ankle breaker on the enemy Talon

Is that Allen Iverson on Summoner's Rift?

Image via Riot Games

This Blitzcrank just channeled his inner-Allen Iverson, leaving an enemy Talon stunned by the ankle-breaking steam golem as he made his great escape.

An ankle breaker is a term commonly used in basketball when a player uses his agility to make the other person trip, and that is exactly what this Blitzcrank just did to Talon. Looking to not only survive the Talon’s attempt to kill him, Blitzcrank did it in complete style as he embarrassed the enemy Talon not once, but twice in the same play.

The 30-second clip that was uploaded to the League of Legends subreddit by r/who_is_ibby showcases a League play surrounding a Blitzcrank and Talon at the 30-minute mark.

The clip starts with the Blitzcrank attempting to run back to his team’s towers before the enemy Talon begins to gain ground on the support champion. As Blitzcrank is about to run past the bottom lane wall, he swiftly maneuvers his body in a quick reverse as the Talon uses Assassin’s path over the wall.

The play did not end just there, however, as the Talon was able to quickly recover and catch up to Blitzcrank attempting to run back to his base. The Blitzcrank is able to reach his blue side jungle before he jukes the enemy Talon once again as he Overdrives away from the Talon.

The support was then able to dodge Talon’s final over-the-wall attempt to do damage to Blitzcrank, as he blast plants over the wall and away from the Talon.

In the final moments of the clip, the Blitzcrank paths towards the enemy’s tri brush as the Talon can be seen pathing to rejoin his team sieging the mid lane turret.

Image via Riot Games

Aside from being a great outplay from the Blitzcrank, it’s also a great advertisement showcasing the Space Groove Blitz & Crank skin, released in April 2021, in all of its glory as it successfully pulled off this outplay. So if Riot Games experiences a random spike in Blitzcrank skin sales, this outplay might be the reason why.

For now, League players can check out a few changes coming to Patch 12.3, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and will nerf a number of popular champion picks in both the competitive and solo queue meta.

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