TheBaus pulls off impressive triple kill on Sion in Korean League solo queue

The Sion master is at it again.

Image via Riot Games

TheBaus and outplays on Sion, name a more iconic duo.

The popular streamer is currently in South Korea, where he has been playing on his Korean League of Legends account. At the time of writing, he has 360 LP in Grandmaster.

In a clip posted on Reddit, TheBaus produced an outstanding play on his favorite champion, pulling off a one-vs-four duel. While he eventually died, he took a few enemies to the grave with him.

And, unlike most clips like this, TheBaus wasn’t far ahead in terms of gold. He started at just two kills, while the enemy Nocturne was fed out of his mind with 10 kills and two major items completed. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to take down TheBaus, who was equipped with Hullbreaker, Sunfire Aegis, and Titanic Hydra.

In the clip, the Nocturne is first accompanied by Akali. But between them, they could only lower TheBaus’ health bar to half. Braum and Ahri joined the fray, but even they couldn’t stop Sion from winning the fight.

The skirmish would have probably ended sooner if Ahri had hit her skillshots. But after missing, her team paid the ultimate price. In the end, it was Braum who picked up the kill on TheBaus.

Despite dying, it was a great effort by the streamer, whose teammates ended the game just half a minute later, according to If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s to never underestimate players who have mastered champions, like TheBaus and Sion.