The Worlds 2019 Pick’em knockout stage picks are now live

Last chance saloon.

Image via Riot Games

Voting for the knockout stage of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Pick’em is underway. Fans have one last chance to predict the outcome of the tournament and vote for who they think will lift the Summoner’s Cup in November.

Participants will need to decide which of the eight teams they think will win their respective matches all the way up to the finals for the chance to win a series of rewards. Some of the goodies include Blue Essence and a Summoner Icon for anyone who scores over 30 points.

Of course, for the over 2,000 players who got all of the group stage predictions correct, there’s a lot more on the line than icons and BE. If any of the 2,682 people who successfully predicted the outcome of all four groups go on to accurately pick the winners for the entire knockout stage, they’ll get all of the ultimate skins in League of Legends, as well as the champions associated with them, for free.

If you want to take advantage of the chance to get some prizes, be sure to lock in your knockout stage picks fast. You only have until the end of the week to do so.