The next Pentakill album is reportedly in the works

Is the era of metal set to return?

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been waiting for some new music from League of Legends‘ resident metal band, Pentakill, then the long wait might be over. A new album is on the way, according to a now-deleted tweet from musician Tre Watson.

Watson’s deleted tweet revealed that he’s working with Riot to help create the long-awaited album. It’s been three years since the last time we’ve listened to some new Pentakill music with the release of Grasp of the Undying in 2017.

Screengrab via Twitter

The official Riot Games Careers Twitter account also responded to this tweet, welcoming Watson to the team. Watson is known for his vocal and guitar work in various metal songs. He was in the hell choir for Doom Eternal and does a ton of metal covers on his YouTube channel.

Last month, Riot’s creative director Christian “Praeco” Linke spoke a bit about the album and said that there would be “up to 10 or so” new songs for fans of the band to enjoy. He also said that Riot likes to mix up its subgenres, which means that Djent—which is what Watson specializes in—might not be the only type of metal on the album.

For example, Smite and Ignite—Pentakill’s first album—had a song called “Ohmwrecker,” which was of the Djent subgenre. The rest of the album jumped around from various subgenres, though, which made it one of the most popular projects by the music team.

With new music comes new band members, however. The new Pentakill project means League fans should expect more champions to join the band. Riot has recently introduced more pop-themed skins, but many fans will be excited to see the company’s modern take on a darker musical-themed cosmetic line.