The League of Legends practice mode is now live

The wait is over; practice mode is now live.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends practice mode has gone live around the world, Riot confirmed earlier today, giving players an infinite array of options to test out champions without needing to go into a public game.

Video via Riot Games

In particular, Riot has focused on the following areas for practice:

  • Champion mechanics and combos
  • Jungle practice
  • Endless last hitting
  • Item build DPS checks
  • Map familiarity (ward placement, wall flashes, etc)

Riot previously stated that the practice tool would be released in some regions, but now it appears like the highly-anticipated mode is available around the world. No matter what level of skill a player has, this tool will be essential in helping them maximize their potential.

For a better look into what this tool can offer, be sure to click on the link here for more details of the codes and what is in store for practice mode.

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Image via Riot Games