The best summoner name availability checkers for League of Legends

Make the switch with less hassle.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past decade, millions of players have at least tried out Riot Games’ hit MOBA title, League of Legends. It is one of the most popular games in the world, and unique and clever user names will be hard to come by.

Some players want a simple name that doesn’t require any numbers or spaces since that would be the only way the user won’t match another player. But with so many people playing League, it’ll be almost impossible to claim the best names.

Not everything is lost, though. Each Summoner name will have six months of inactivity protection once created and will earn an additional month of inactivity protection for each level above six up to 30 months. If a game isn’t played on the account to kick in the account’s inactivity protection, the name can be claimed through the summoner name change service in the client.

If you want to check if a certain name is available or when a name will be available from an inactive account, here are some of the best tools to use. not only helps you search up any name you’d like to check the status of but also tells how long it’ll be until the user is available for claiming. The website also provides a service that finds all available names of different character lengths, recently available names, and can even track certain names so that you can keep an eye out on specific names in the game.

LoL Names

Similar to, LoL Names is a tool players can use to check specific summoner names. The site can also show all upcoming and available names, and users can even specify whether they want names with only letters, only numbers, or with symbols. The site can also generate names with symbols to be as unique as possible.