The best Samira counters in League of Legends

Stop the Desert Rose from getting ahead with these tips.

Samira has become one of the most popular laners in League of Legends since her release. Her unique playstyle rewards you as you improve, and her tools to deal damage, dash around fights, and negative projectiles make her a great addition to any team composition.

While the latest nerf in Patch 11.4 sent Samira down in popularity, she still remains a great pick if you’re looking for a hypercarry in the bottom lane. One of the most powerful aspects of Samira is her ultimate, which deals a lot of damage to enemies surrounding her in a small period of time. She’s the main reason why there were so many pentakills recently, with her ultimate being the main culprit due to its huge AD scaling.

While she does provide good tools you want to have in a bottom laner, she does have some clearly defined weaknesses in terms of champions and items.

Here are the best counter picks to beat Samira in the bot lane.

General strategy

Samira is League’s latest addition to the bottom lane and has a unique playstyle that rewards her for being good at the champion. Her Daredevil Impulse passive allows her to deal additional damage based on the style she has, which is increased by unique attacks or abilities. The main reason why Samira wants a max rank of S is to be able to use the ultimate Inferno Trigger (R), a two-second AoE capable of doing a devastating amount of damage.

During the laning phase, Samira will try to poke you down to get an early lead and carry away the game by herself. You need to be wary of her attempts and try to keep an eye on her abilities’ cooldowns. One ability you need to be careful of, in particular, is Blade Whirl (W), which allows her to cancel projectiles in a small area around her. If you’re not careful, you can waste crucial abilities early on, which can be the difference between a good and a bad trade.

She’s quite mobile due to her Wild Rush (E) ability, which acts as a dash and attack speed steroid on a low cooldown. On top of that, it can be reset if a champion recently damaged by Samira has died, so you need to be careful of your positioning in the later stages of the game. You need to force her to waste it during the laning phase before engaging her, otherwise she can dash to you and outtrade you with her early-game damage.

After you get out of the laning phase, you need to pay attention to Samira’s style and positioning since she can easily kill most squishies by dashing them with her S rank and using Inferno Trigger for a huge burst of damage. The best thing to do is to stick in the backline of your team and focus on her if she overextends.



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Senna is one of the most unique champions in League. While initially designed as a support, she became notorious for being viable in the bottom lane role as well. Her utility combined with her high range and damage makes her a great counter to Samira.

While other counters require precise aim and trades, Senna is more flexible and has room for mistakes due to her sustain and ranged invisibility. On top of that, your Last Embrace (W) root can be devastating to the Samira player since she can get blown up quite easily by your team is she is caught by it. During the laning phase, try to land Piercing Darkness (Q) onto the opposing Samira and poke her down with auto attacks when she tries to go for last-hits. Due to your Absolution passive, Samira will try to force trades when you go for the souls, so be wary of that and try to avoid exposing yourself to bad trades for one soul. Sometimes it’s better to let go of one soul instead of losing a quarter of your health pool.

As the game goes by and you get stronger via items and your passive, look to group up with your team for objectives. Level six grants you to a global ultimate, which deals damage and shields your allies, allowing you to do plays from across the map. It is an amazing tool to use in teamfights against Samira due to her Inferno Trigger (R), which deals a lot of damage to multiple opponents near her. Avoid fighting Samira in one-vs-one scenarios since she’ll most likely kill you after laning phase and focus on providing utility to your team alongside a great backline source of damage.

Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune is a great champion who can deal with Samira quite well in the bottom lane due to her higher range and lower build-up time to do damage.

In the laning phase, you can look to snipe low-health minions to land a critical strike with your Double Up (Q) on Samira. If the Samira player is not careful and gets hit by a couple of your bullets, she’ll either be forced to back or risk dying in lane. The best thing you could do in this situation is to drag the lane to your side of the map and freeze it to ensure Samira can’t get even close to experience or gold. While the idea of killing her and shoving waves into the tower seems tempting, freezing the wave is the better play in the long run. You will be able to control her movements and then decide when to safely group for objectives, while Samira will be forced to choose between grouping up or picking up farm.

If the Samira player doesn’t expose herself and the lane is an even state, try to get favorable trades once she uses her abilities to clear minions. If you get to level six, you’ll be able to unleash a lot of damage and repeatedly kill Samira if she is not careful enough. With her no longer being able to dash to allies, she will be forced to flash or die to your damage.

By keeping Samira under control in the lane, she shouldn’t be a huge threat in teamfights while your ultimate can be game-changing even if you’re not fed. Be wary of casting it however since Samira could try to dash and kill you while you’re channeling it in teamfights. Try to keep an eye on her positioning before you use your ultimate to avoid having to cancel it.


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Jinx is one of the best hyper carries League has to offer with her attack speed steroid and late-game scaling. She is an amazing Samira counter due to her increased range, root, and overall great base damage.

During the laning phase, you can poke down Samira with your Rocket Launcher (Q) and force her to play passively. If she decides to engage on you, you can switch to Pow-pow the minigun (Q) to have increased attack speed to easily out trade the caster bottom laner. On top of that, you can force her in a bad spot with your Flame Chompers! (E), which can root her and give you needed time to finish her off. But you need to be wary of Samira’s support as well. You lack a dash compared to her, and if you’re not careful enough, you can be easily killed by the dashing Samira alongside her support and become an easy target for gold going forward.

Once you acquire your Mythic item, look to group up with your team and provide a good source of backline or frontline damage. While doing so, pay close attention to Samira’s positioning around teamfights. Be wary of her possibility to dash to you and pop you in the blink of an eye with her ultimate. By doing so, you’ll have a superior position in teamfights and will have the possibility to carry away teamfights by yourself. Avoid exposing yourself in teamfights just to land a couple of hits on Samira. Instead, focus on killing her frontline from a safe distance.

Items to build into Samira

Plated Steelcaps

This is an alternative boots option to the traditional Berserker Greaves if you want to reduce her auto-attack damage. While it’s not recommended to forego the attack speed boots, if you’re in a difficult situation against a compositions with multiple AD champions, you can go for Plated Steelcaps.


This is the offensive Mythic item you should aim to get in most of your games by default. The stats, damage, and dash effect make this the best option, outside of a couple of specific circumstances. You can use this item as an execute or to reposition yourself to do damage from a safe distance. The possibilities are endless and can be adjusted based on current game condition.

Immortal Shieldbow

This is a great Mythic item to stop Samira from bursting you down from your full health pool in a couple of seconds. The effectiveness of this item will be much higher if the enemy team has multiple assassins in their composition. By buying it against an assassin-oriented team, you give yourself more leeway for mistakes and not get blown-up.


This item is a great defensive option if you went for an aggressive build path and are encountering difficulties surviving Samira’s burst. It has great stats and an amazing shield passive to give you more effective health.