The best Darius skins in League of Legends

The Hand of Noxus has some of the most visually pleasing skins in League.

Image via Riot Games

Darius is one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends. He’s been a favorite among solo queue top laners since he was released over 10 years ago. The Hand of Noxus is easy to learn and has a ton of viability into many opposing matchups. 

With that in mind, Darius players will have plenty of chances to show off any skins they buy for the champion. Since his release in 2012, Darius has received 10 total skins, good enough for an average of about one every year. Among those 10, only two have been retired to the game’s legacy vault, with the other eight being available to purchase in the in-client store. 

Here are some of our favorite Darius skins in League of Legends

Dunkmaster Darius

Image via Riot Games

Dunkmaster Darius is largely viewed as the champion’s best cosmetic option since it completely separates his look from its usual, self-serious vibe. Dunkmaster Darius is also one of the few skins in League to cash in on a community-generated meme. Darius’ ultimate ability, Noxian Guillotine, has been widely called a “dunk” due to the motion in which he jumps up and slams his axe down upon a target. The popular use of this term led Riot to create a basketball-themed skin for Darius that leans into the terminology heavily. Darius even says “get dunked” when using his ultimate on an enemy champion. 

Bioforge Darius

Image via Riot Games

When Bioforge Darius first came out in 2012 as the champion’s first post-release skin, it was easily one of the most modern and flashy cosmetics in the game. Even today, Bioforge Darius is a solid skin, and still ranks among the best for the champion. The green spell effects attached to Decimate (Q) and Noxian Guillotine (R) give the abilities chemical, almost poison-like visuals. 

God-King Darius

Image via Riot Games

Easily Darius’ most intricate skin, God-King Darius is all about the little details. From the violet-blue color gradient that’s shown off during the casting animation for Decimate (Q) to the way the inside of his shoulder guards light up orange when using Noxian Guillotine, God-King Darius has so many minute effects associated with it. Darius also has a pet wolf in this skin that dances with him while emoting, and that’s practically worth the price of the skin alone. 

High Noon Darius

Image via Riot Games

High Noon Darius is one of the champion’s most visually appealing skins. Its black-and-gold color scheme is complemented by orange, fiery streaks throughout. These colors are prioritized when Darius has built up five stacks of Hemorrhage (P) on a target. Speaking of Hemorrhage, the usual blood droplets that accumulate around a target are replaced by bullets to show off the usual Western, cowboy-centric flair associated with the skin line.