The best Darius counters in League of Legends

Put a stop to the Hand of Noxus from snowballing with these champs.

Darius has been a part of the League of Legends champion roster for almost 10 years.

Since his release in May 2012, Darius has barely been changed. When he made his debut in the game, he was heralded as one of the best one-vs-one top laners—and that still remains true to this day. The Hand of Noxus can quickly burst down opponents and his potential to snowball into the late-game is enormous.

One of the last things you want to do against Darius is to get up close and personal. Due to the champ’s high damage and bleeding mechanic, almost every trade will come out in his favor. With his Apprehend (E), it’s also easy for him to close the gap and finish you off once he hits level six.

There are, however, a few champions that counter Darius. Here are the best counters for the champion.


Image via Riot Games

Vladimir not only possesses the necessary range to farm minions but he also excels in other aspects when laning against Darius. The Crimson Reaper can survive and heal with his Q, and he can also easily dodge Apprehend with his W. In late-game teamfights, if you don’t allow Darius to snowball, you’ll be much more of a threat.


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Quinn is another great counter pick to Darius. Good range, poke, and damage should not only allow you to outlast his pressure in the lane but also enable you to bully him back to base. And when Darius falls behind in lane, it’s incredibly tough for him to make a comeback.


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Vayne is a great champion against Darius for the same reasons as Quinn. With the Night Hunter, however, you should have more mobility and crowd control, which will be pivotal in one-vs-ones in the top lane. In the late game, you’ll also become a dangerous carry, so you don’t have to worry about scaling.


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Ranged champions are generally the best when it comes to countering Darius, but there are a few exceptions. Ornn is one of them. While you may still lose early trades, you should have no issues killing Darius with the help of your jungler or roaming mid laner.


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Playing Rumble, you won’t really have much of an opportunity to one-vs-one in the top laner. The champion, however, still works great against Darius. You can easily pick up waves with your abilities and farm under the turret. When Darius misses his Q or E, you can try to poke him with your Flamethrower or Electro Harpoon. In the end, wait for your jungler or just play it safe and scale into the late game, where you will thrive in teamfights.