The best challenge titles in League of Legends to unlock

"Sir" was taken.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has introduced a new feature that allows players to customize their profile in League of Legends. The title system will enable players to customize their profile further, but not all titles will be available at the start.

If you’re looking to have the coolest titles next to your name, you’ll need to unlock them by completing their requirements. Considering there are quite a few titles available in the game, choosing the best ones to unlock can be difficult.

Though all titles are unique in their own way, some sound cooler than others. Here are the best challenge titles in League of Legends.

“Comeback Kid”

Everyone enjoys winning a League match. The overall level of enjoyment may increase drastically if you’re also clutching a win after trying to catch up to your enemies throughout the whole match.

The Comeback Kid title can be a nice representative of your undying fighting spirit, assuring your teammates you’d be the last person on your team to give up. If you’re looking to unlock the Comeback Kid title, you’ll need to win a match with an open nexus.

“Top/Jungle/Mid/Bot/Support Diff”

In most League matches, players are often compared to their counterparts on the enemy team. When you share a lane against a player, you’ll naturally want to beat them, and hopefully snowball from there to win the game.

The Diff titles are relatively easier to unlock since you’ll only need to win 10 games with your preferred role. If you’re looking to unlock the Support Diff title, you can do so by winning 10 games as a support.

You can try to accumulate these wins in game modes that require players to pick their roles.


Being great at something is something, but being the greatest of all time means your name can be carried over to the next generations.

The G.O.A.T. title may not mean much by itself, but if you also have the skills to back up the title, it’ll be well worth the effort to unlock it. Players can add the G.O.A.T. title to their collection by earning points from the challenges in the Domination, Unrivaled, and perfection groups.


Everyone has their bad matches and good matches. While you’ll want to forget about your bad matches as fast as possible, the decent ones will find a way to stick around, especially if you were performing in an Unstoppable manner.

When League players find a way to snowball out of their laning stage, they generally become unstoppable unless the enemy team finds a solution for them. The Unstoppable title can be the perfect candidate for players who enjoy dominating their lane and go on to win the match with their laning stage momentum.

Players can unlock the Unstoppable title by earning 10 points from challenges in the ARAM warrior group.


Most League players come back for the thrill of epic wins, while others may enjoy turning their accounts into small-time collectors. Whether they like it or not, League players accumulate countless skins throughout their careers in the game.

Players, who take the skin game one step too far, usually aim to unlock League’s whole skin library, and the Fashionista title is the only one that would suit the size of their cosmetics wardrobe.

Fashionista title can be unlocked via collecting four chromas.