The 6 best League of Legends skins released in 2020

Riot had us looking good on the Summoner's Rift this past year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has consistently remained vigilant when it came to cosmetics for League of Legends, and 2020 was no exception. The developers truly stepped up their game and released 120 skins in the past year, the highest amount of skins made in a single year so far.

Although every skin released in 2020 was impressive in its own unique way, there were some releases that truly blew away the competition and wowed the player base. Some skins were simply a higher level in terms of design, special effects, and creativity. Here are some of the skins that stood above the rest in 2020.

Astronaut Gnar

One skin that went a bit under the radar compared to these other releases was Astronaut Gnar, which was released back in May. This skin was great, since the lovable little creature had two unique forms with completely different designs.

As his smaller self, Gnar is wearing a cute astronaut suit with a gold visor, ear covers, and his bushy tail sticking out of the back. He attacks with a sci-fi styled boomerang, and when he recalls, he chases away a spaceship with two little blob aliens inside.

When he transforms, however, Gnar bursts out of his suit and becomes a huge, ferocious monster of space. The only thing left of his suit is the helmet, since the rest of it has been reduced to tatters. He attacks with mighty punches and hurls a satellite at his enemies with his Q ability.

It’s an awesome skin that was overlooked, since not many people have been playing Gnar through this past year. Hopefully for the top laner, this space-faring Yordle will see more playing time in 2021.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

Lee Sin only got one skin this year at the start of October—but boy, was it a good one. The Blind Monk was placed in the Dragonmancer skin line, a new series of alternate universe cosmetics where some champions are blessed with the power of a dragon.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin is an impressive skin, complete with a new voice, electrifying audio and visual effects, and attack animations that can make any player feel the power coursing through the keyboard. All of his abilities are punctuated with dragon-themed effects, and lightning can be seen sparking in every action he does.

Cosmic/Dark Cosmic Lux

Cosmic Lux is another alternate universe skin that transports us back to the Event Horizon skin line, where champions represent celestial beings who have the power to shape the universe at their will.

In this universe, Lux is the right hand of the ruler of the stars, Cosmic Queen Ashe. With her powers, she weaves constellations into place and keeps the universe in order whenever things begin to breakdown. But she also harbors a dark secret that could see her betray her queen and all her allies.

The skin comes in two purchasable versions: one belongs to the Cosmic Court, while the other has been corrupted by the Dark Star. Both are beautiful cosmetics, with a new voice and ethereal visual and audio effects. She also plays Beat Saber with asteroids for her dance animation, which makes the skin that much better.

High Noon Senna

Hop on your horse and get ready to ride into battle with High Noon Senna. If you’re a bottom lane enthusiast, this skin will have you yelling yeehaw whether she’s the AD carry or support, because this skin is the epitome of League in the wild wild west.

From her weapon transforming to a mechanical horse during a movement speed boost to her new voice lines, Senna might be one of the best High Noon skins yet. Her new visual and audio effects are also top notch, with bells ringing, old school gunshot sounds, and chains jingling as she blasts her enemies with fire and fury.

Spirit Blossom Thresh

The Spirit Blossom event was one of the most successful events of 2020, with multiple beautiful skins dropping this past summer. The best looking skin of the bunch, however, was Thresh, since everyone got a first look at what the Chain Warden looks like as a human.

He came complete with a new voiceover, beautiful, purple-themed visual and audio effects, and the ability to transform from his demon form to his human self in-game. The souls connected to his passive were also changed from simple sprites to flowers floating over the Summoner’s Rift, and his dance featured a chill new song playing from his lantern.

If you want to help Thresh collect some souls, this was the skin for you.

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine

As the only Ultimate skin to release this year, Seraphine’s release skin has made the list for the unique way that players unlock the two other forms of the cosmetic.

When the skin is first purchased, the player automatically has access to its Indie version, which has the Starry-Eyed Songstress wearing casual clothes with an acoustic guitar themed floating stage. To unlock Seraphine’s Rising Star and Superstar forms, however, players must complete a series of in-game quests that represent Seraphine’s journey as a musical artist.

Each form of Seraphine’s ALL OUT skin has new visual and audio effects, with a different song connected to each stage of her “career,” whether its K/DA’s “POP/STARS” or their newest track, “MORE.”