Teemo player saves League game with nearly 2 dozen mushrooms planted in base

Never underestimate the power of the Scout's Code... or a minefield of Noxious Traps.

Image via Riot Games

Getting past two Nexus turrets is already a difficult task in the final stages of any League of Legends game. But when those turrets are surrounded by dozens of Teemo mushrooms, the task of ending the game becomes near-impossible. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player set their team up for victory by way of the ultimate base defense. Against a team with Mountain Soul and Elder Dragon buff, the player, who was playing Teemo in the clip, set up a minefield of Noxious Traps (R) to stop the enemy team from ending the game. 

At one point in the clip, exactly 20 Noxious Traps were visible, implying that the five pushing players had to tread carefully as they made headway into the base. Even if they won a teamfight at the back-end of the game, Teemo’s mushrooms still could have done enough damage to wipe out the full team. 

In the clip, an enemy Malphite player used their Unstoppable Force (R) to charge headfirst at the Nexus, but ran over four separate mushrooms in the process, crippling their attempt at a teamfight. During the fight itself, the enemy AD carry stepped on a total of four Noxious Traps, killing them outright without any other attacks from any of the Teemo player’s teammates.

As the enemy team retreated, each remaining player had no more than 15 percent HP, setting up a clean-up effort from an allied Rengar player who promptly secured three kills on the low-health targets. With the enemy team wiped from the Rift, all five members of the Teemo’s team began to make a push of their own. 

The game was already in its late stages, and death timers for each player sat at approximately 66 seconds. The Teemo player’s team had more than enough time to sprint down the mid lane, crack the enemy team’s base, and eventually strike down the Nexus—all before the opposition respawned.

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