Teemo ARAM backdoor fails due to Health Relic

It wasn't meant to be.

Sometimes, backdooring is the only option to secure a win during a match, but we all know it doesn’t always go as planned.

This was apparent in a recent ARAM clip where a Teemo player thought they had the perfect way to finish off the game. Using his Guerrilla Warfare ability to hide his location, Teemo headed behind enemy lines, waiting for the enemy team to pass him by in the middle of the lane so that he could sneak behind and take out the open Nexus.

While this plan looked flawless in execution, the timing on the appearing healing relic ultimately gave away his position, quickly allowing the enemy team to see Teemo’s location and dispose of him.

Sadly, there was no further context from the clip to know whether Teemo managed to test his plan once again. With the momentum that the opposing team had built up due to the failed backdoor, it is likely they were able to run it down to victory.

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