Team WE overpower LGD Gaming, secure third win in a row in 2021 LPL Summer Split

LGD's chances of making it to playoffs are quite slim with only three remaining matches.

Photo via Riot Games

Team WE beat LGD Gaming in convincing fashion in a 2-0 series, securing their third win in a row in the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

Team WE looked much better in today’s series, both individually and as a team. Every member was able to win their lane, before transitioning to the mid-game with a good gold and item lead. The MVP votes for today’s series were picked up by top laner Breathe and jungler beishang. Both players showed up, with the top laner having a dominant game on Akali in the first match, finishing the game with a KDA of 9/0/6. The jungler popped off in the second game on Volibear, finishing the match deathless with a score of 1/0/8.

The first match opened up with passive farm from both teams across the board. LGD tried to go for a couple of early game skirmishes, but not all of them were successful. A couple of kills were secured by the team, who looked decent going into the mid-game. But once Team WE started grouping up, all hope for the LGD squad was shattered. They looked much weaker and scattered in teamfights and couldn’t take down Team WE, who was able to easily secure the first game win.

In the second match, the draft was adjusted by both teams, but the result was the same. Team WE looked superior in their individual mechanics and teamfight prowess compared to their counterparts, which allowed them to secure the second win easily. They left no room for errors, while LGD didn’t have decisive calls or engages and slowly lost ground.

If LGD doesn’t improve drastically over the next couple of matches, they’re going to most likely miss playoffs since other teams looked much stronger and capable of going for decisive plays that help their team secure leads.

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Team WE (7-4) climbed to sixth place with this victory and are sitting at a comfortable spot in the battle for the playoffs. Their next matchup is against EDward Gaming, who look unbeatable and are arguably the best team LPL has to offer right now. Even if Team WE lose the remaining matches, they’ll mostly likely still be able to play a tiebreaker to secure their playoff spot in the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

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