Team WE become first team eliminated from 2022 LPL Spring Split playoff contention, FPX within inches of postseason picture again

FPX are looking to rebound from a mid-split slump.

Photo via Riot Games

Team WE are the first squad in the 2022 LPL Spring Split to be eliminated from playoff contention following their three-game series loss to FunPlus Phoenix today.

A simple game with a lot of implications, both WE and FPX entered this League of Legends matchup looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. For FPX, a win would put them within striking distance of OMG to regain 10th place and the final spot in the LPL playoffs. But for WE, a loss would mathematically eliminate them from the playoffs. After a close three-game series, it was FPX who prevailed over WE and put an end to their opponent’s remaining hopes for a miracle playoff run.

For FPX, AD carry LWX was once again the star for the team. He helped the squad reverse sweep WE with his strong Zeri play in the final two games. In the last game, LWX dealt 26,000 damage, 7,000 more than Xiaolaohu, who dealt the second most.

Screengrab via LPL

This loss for WE solidified their spot as a non-playoff team with a 1-11 record. Even if they were to win out, their possible record of 5-11 would only get them up to 12th place, just shy of a playoff spot. 

It has been a rough 2022 season for WE, who were one series away from qualifying for the League World Championship in 2021. But the new iteration of its lineup hasn’t been able to find much success this spring. 

WE will look to use their remaining four games to improve as a team and recalibrate as they look to make major improvements for the 2022 Summer Split. For now, their main battle will be avoiding last place as they look to usurp ThunderTalk Gaming in the standings, who currently have two wins.

As for FPX, this win means a lot more than some people may realize. While it was an expected win, this helps keep FPX within range of that eight-win sweet spot that has often been the minimum to qualify for the playoffs in the LPL. And following their losing streak that transformed their 4-3 record in week five to 4-7 and put them out of the playoff picture, FPX need any win available.

This win does not put them back in the playoff picture just yet. But it does put them within reach of Oh My God, the 10th place team in the 2022 LPL Spring Split, who also happens to be FPX’s next opponent.

Both tied at a 6-7 record, FPX’s win against WE has put them in a do-or-die situation against Oh My God. They have an opportunity to improve to 7-7 and get back in the playoff picture in 10th place, while a loss would make it tough for them to grab that final postseason spot.

That important match for the final playoff spot will be played on March 10.