Team Ryze ult gets the ARAM victory over 1000 stack Nasus

Work smarter, not harder.

Image via Riot Games

Usually, an ARAM is complete before the 20-minute mark. Past this point, however, some champions can become too big to fail–like a Nasus with 1,000 stacks.

In a highlight clip, one team decided to take the easiest route to victory instead of facing the goliath Nasus head on.

For each stack on Nasus’s Siphoning Strike, the ability deals bonus damage. With 1,000 stacks, the Curator of Sands would be able to deal over 1000 damage in a single shot. To make this even more dangerous, the cooldown of this ability is less than four seconds at level 18, meaning that Nasus would mow through his opponents if given the chance.

Because of this power, taking a team fight with all players alive might not be the best strategy. With all the towers down on the map and spawn timers well over a minute, the next team fight was sure to decide the game. Thanks to Ryze’s sharp eye and awareness, however, the teamfight never happened.

Once in range, the blue team grouped up on Ryze and teleported right onto the enemy Nexus. At this point, it was too late for the enemy team to stop the assault and the game was over within moments–thereby avoiding the incredible threat posed by Nasus.

Brute force in League is a direct pathway to claiming many Nexuses–but a bit of strategy and presence of mind proved to be the winning play here.

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