Team Liquid facilities to close for 30 days due to coronavirus

All staff will work from home for the next month to protect their health

Screengrab via Riot Games

Team Liquid have implemented a mandatory work-from-home system for its staff and players, and closed its entire facility for at least 30 days.

In a tweet earlier today, TL founders Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens announced the shutdown, saying they want to prioritize the health and safety of their staff and players. They also noted their teams will compete where possible with extra safety measures, but the most important thing is keeping everyone safe.

Liquid will be also be looking to maintain contact with its fanbase during the shutdown, imploring fans to update them on how they’re doing and also reminding them to take care of themselves. 

It’s a laudable decision from the veteran org, and depending on how many more events and facilities get shut down in the coming weeks, we may just see more teams following their lead. However, as events involving their teams are still currently scheduled to run, Team Liquid fans might feel a pang of worry at how this disruption will affect the four-time defending LCS champs, with the team sitting 6-8 and outside playoffs with two weeks to play. 

Liquid’s decision is preceded by dozens of leagues and events canceling or otherwise changing plans due to the coronavirus global pandemic. The LCS announced it would hold its games without a live audience, while the LPL and LCK have been forced into hiatuses or a massive change in format.