Team BDS set to acquire Adam as new top laner for 2022 LEC season

The young top laner is heading over to join the new kids on the block.

Photo via Riot Games

After finally getting a place at the big kids’ table of the LEC, Team BDS has made a splash by reportedly picking up Fnatic rookie Adam as their starting top laner for next year, according to Jacob Wolf.

The team acquired the LEC spot by buying it from Schalke 04 for a record-setting 26.5 million euros, in what was the second-largest franchise deal in Western history. S04 was forced to sell its spot due to poor results in the Bundesliga caused them to be relegated from the league, which greatly impacted its finances. The team ended in 10th place this past 2021 Summer Split and experienced multiple middle-of-the-pack finishes over the past few years.

As for Adam, he joined Fnatic during a tumultuous time in the team’s history, with the team losing its star AD carry in Rekkles and Bwipo role-swapping over to the jungle. The future was uncertain for this budding new star, but after a few weeks, the team seemed to make things work perfectly. At their peak, they were able to finally take down G2 Esports and qualify for the 2021 World Championship this past summer.

Unfortunately, they ran into multiple issues at the tournament, including the loss of their starting marksman Upset due to an urgent family matter. They failed to get into the knockout stage of the tournament, and now, the team is splintering apart.

It’ll be interesting to see how well Adam adapts to his new teammates and organization. He won’t have the veteran presence from players like Bwipo, Hylissang, Nisqy, or Upset to rely on, so he’ll have to grow up quickly to succeed once more in 2022.

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