T1’s LCK Challengers League match against KT Challengers canceled after coach Bengi potentially comes into contact with COVID-19

He's currently awaiting the results of a COVID test

Image via T1

Even after the world has started to open up again, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt throughout esports.

Korean esports organization T1 announced earlier today that academy head coach Bengi potentially came into contact with COVID-19. T1 said the coach was made aware of the situation by a sign posted in the building where he lives, which advised all tenants to get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible after another resident tested positive for the virus. 

Although Bengi has no symptoms, he’s undergone a COVID test and is awaiting results. Until these results are released, T1’s entire LCK Challengers League team, and any other staff who have come into contact with Bengi, will be under full quarantine and will undergo their own COVID tests. Due to this quarantine, T1’s LCK CL match today against KT Challengers has been canceled. 

T1 Challengers’ next match is scheduled for June 14 against DRX Challengers.

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