T1 shows off flashy white and gold jerseys for Worlds 2021

The org went light mode with new jerseys for the 2021 World Championship.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s been five years since T1 last raised the Summoner’s Cup. This year, the League of Legends team is making its comeback to the World Championship stage with a set of new colors.

T1 revealed its official jerseys for Worlds 2021 today. While fans will recognize the org, it might take a while to get used to the newest colors affiliated with the players. 

Nike’s logo stands out in black atop the white jersey, while the golden T1 emblem is placed over the players’ hearts. The organization’s victories at Worlds are also represented by the three stars above the golden logo. Other sponsors’ names and logos are printed on the shoulders and sleeves, and the words “SKT 5GX” are placed directly above the team’s logo.

T1’s starting roster for this year’s Worlds is composed of (from top to bot lane) Canna, Oner, Faker, Teddy, and Keria. Cuzz and Gumayusi will also be present as the team’s substitute players. 

As the third seed for the LCK, T1 will face the LPL’s second seed, EDward Gaming, in their first match at Worlds 2021. The team’s journey begins on Oct. 12 in Group B of the group stage. The Korean team will also battle against LCS’ 100 Thieves and one more team who will be decided after play-ins. 

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