T1 secure 12-match win streak after defeating Hanwha; Faker, Gumayusi shine in 2022 LCK Spring Split

Another day, another victory for T1.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via Getty Images

T1 took down Hanwha Life Esports today and added another victory to their already-stuffed win column in the LCK 2022 Spring Split leaderboards.

T1 are rampaging through the opposition in the LCK 2022 Spring Split. They haven’t lost a series in the LCK so far, and despite losing some games, they’ve always found their way back into the series with a great show of perseverance. 

Week seven had the same story, with T1 winning their matches against DWG KIA and Hanwha to bring their winning streak to 12. They’re two victories away from tying for the longest win streak in the LCK—a record the set by SKT (which later rebranded to T1) in 2015 with 14 wins.

Hanwha’s Baut secured the first blood with a great hook onto Keria in the first match. They controlled the tempo with aggressive objective control in the early game and kept securing multiple kills to push their lead. T1 shifted the pressure by getting multiple picks on enemy players and came back into the match. However, Hanwha pushed T1 back with an impressive teamfight in the river.

Hanwha failed to convert great plays into a significant advantage, while T1 secured picks on the enemy and took critical objectives. Faker and Gumayusi grabbed most of these eliminations, which gave T1 the necessary carries to eliminate the threat Hanwha gathered from the early game. The last teamfight near the dragon went to T1, and with the Baron buff, they pushed into Hanwha’s base and finished game one in a dominating fashion.

Hanwha had to pull it together for the second match, where T1 had a composition with Ahri and Hecarim. Hanwha started strong with early kills on Zeus and Keria, but T1 got back by getting some kills near the Rift Herald. T1 had better objective control throughout the match. Hanwha tried to contest the objective, but it was in vain. T1 were ready to turn. 

They took down some players with the help of Faker and Gumayusi’s massive damage output and secured the Baron to push the waves. Hanwha grabbed a dragon, but that wasn’t enough. T1 marched through Hanwha’s base, won the last teamfight, and cracked the Nexus.

The LCK Spring Split 2022 returns tomorrow, Feb. 27, with DRX⁠ facing Gen.G.

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