T1 are just one series away from the perfect 18-0 LCK split

History is about to be made.

Photo via Riot Games

T1 defeated Liiv SANDBOX in the most lopsided three-game series today and is now just one match from the LCK’s first 18-0 split.

In most cases, a match between the number one team in the LCK versus one of the league’s bottom teams would not be one to follow, but today was different because of the stakes at hand. At 16-0 in the 2022 LCK 2022 Spring Split, T1 has been doing what no other team has achieved, the flawless run.

Just two matches away from history, T1 was tasked with taking on SANDBOX, LCK’s ninth-place team. With little expectations, T1 entered the first game, unbeknownst that they would need to earn their 17th win, after an odd game one.

In game one, T1 dominated the entirety of the game while SANDBOX fell behind. It looked like a normal T1 game until the very last moments when SANDBOX top laner Dove saved the team in the final moments with his Gragas caskets to steal the game from under T1’s breath.

After falling down 0-1 in the series, T1 made a return to dominance in two back-to-back sub-25-minute wins to dismantle any doubt that began to brew. Game two only lasted 21 minutes as Keira constantly had a close grip on SANDBOX with his impeccable Nautilus play. His roaming abilities and team fight prowess fast-forwarded the early game for all T1 laners. 

Then, in game three, it was Oner’s moment in the spotlight as his early game movements on Viego left SANDBOX outclassed and outmaneuvered as T1 ultimately finished the game in 24 minutes and en route to their 17th win of the split.

T1 has just one final match to end their monumental 2022 LCK Spring Split regular season against DRX, who are in a battle for third place with DWG KIA.

As for SANDBOX, it was a weird series where they were dominated by T1 for most of it. Though, that one minute they were in control resulted in one game win. As their season comes to an end they will use the off-season to prepare for the Summer Split.

They will look to end their season 5-13 and play spoiler to Kwangdong Freecs, who need this win to guarantee their spot in the upcoming playoffs.

That series between the LCK powerhouses will be played this Sunday, March 20 as T1 looks for the 18-0 regular season.

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