Stars align for League player to secure Aurelion Sol pentakill

Nerf Aurelion Sol?

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players have long been vocal about the strengths and weaknesses of Aurelion Sol, one of the game’s more peculiar champions. From inconsistent damage to a playstyle not found in most mid lane mages, Aurelion Sol continues to be a source of major controversy.

Yet players like u/GarfieldTheGod continue to prove the doubters wrong—even if these plays might be inconsistent. In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, Aurelion Sol took the game into his own dragon hands. Despite being in the face of a Yasuo that was overthrowing their team, the Aurelion Sol player was ready to show the enemy squad what the Star Forger can do.

One of Aurelion Sol’s more iconic attributes is his ability to deal damage passively with the stars that revolve around him. In this clip, the player used that passive damage to their advantage, running headfirst into a fight that seemed anything but winnable. But with a quick revolution of stars and a large space laser, Aurelion Sol picked up three vital kills within mere seconds, leaving just Yasuo and Lulu behind.

Yet unlike other games with Yasuo players, this Yasuo had just secured quite a few kills in rapid succession, meaning they were more than ready to deal massive damage to the Aurelion Sol. The Aurelion Sol player luckily had a Zhonya’s Hourglass to save them from certain doom, which surprisingly helped them pick up an unintentional kill onto Yasuo with some help from Gnar. One more revolution later, Aurelion Sol knocked down Lulu and the word “pentakill” was glaring across the screen for all to see.

Although Aurelion Sol is considered to be one of the weakest and least-viable champions in League today, his dedicated player base continues to show just how powerful the Star Forger can be.

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