Someone painted Gragas and Graves without any hair—and, wow, it’s creepy

No offense to anyone without hair.

Image via Riot Games

Did you ever wonder how Gragas and Graves, two of League of Legends’ hairiest dudes, would look with absolutely zero body hair? No? Yeah, that’s because you’re sane.

One League fan, however, had that very harrowing thought, and what’s more unsettling is that they’re also a pretty rad painter. This means, you guessed it, the vision was brought to life. We present to you, hairless Gragas and Graves.

Image via Nasus Kim
Image via Nasus Kim

They have no hair, beards, eyebrows, or eyelashes. It wouldn’t be as unsettling if we weren’t so used to seeing these hairy lads clad in their lustrous body fur—but hey, that’s where we’re at. The mad genius of an artist who painted these over the top of their usual base splash artwork is Nasus Kim on Twitter. So go flame them if you’re now as mentally scarred as we are.

On top of simply being unable to not think of this every time we see Gragas or Graves in-game, we started to think of other champions that should receive the hairless treatment. Trundle or Udyr would be our next victims, but we’d also like to see Rengar or Warwick de-furred, because that would be hilarious.

Try being a vicious hunter when you’re roaming around the jungle as a hairless cat.