Some of Aurelion Sol’s revamped abilities put on display in League’s new developer vlog

"There simply are no other dragons like me."

Image via Riot Games

The stars are looking extra bright today over Summoner’s Rift, League of Legends fans.

Riot Games has answered the prayers of space dragon enthusiasts around the world by unveiling the comprehensive gameplay update for Runeterra’s favorite Star Forger, Aurelion Sol—and the celestial overlord is looking stronger than ever before.

A comprehensive gameplay update is a new type of update that Riot is testing out with Aurelion Sol, where the developers apply a complete reimagining of a champion’s ability set, while still maintaining their current visuals and narrative. The Servant of the Aspects will now have a new set of skills in the game while also remaining his classic, starry self.

For example, Aurelion Sol has a new Q ability where he blasts out starfire from his mouth for as long as he has the mana to cast the spell. In the video, it seems like he can also redirect the way that the beam is aimed, similar to Vel’Koz when his Lifeform Disintegration Ray is being used. Aurelion does look like he can turn a lot faster than Vel’Koz when using his beam, though.

Photo via Riot Games

His new W ability allows him to fly like before, but this time around, he doesn’t need to “walk in a straight line for forever” and can simply cast the ability to take flight wherever he wants. During an example of Aurelion Sol’s new flying ability, there is a faint purple line that seems to represent the dragon’s flight path during the ability, which means that he can choose where he wants to go with pinpoint accuracy.

Additionally, players can combine both Q and W so he can blast away enemies in his immediate vicinity while flying around the map. The ability appeared to lock onto the enemy Pantheon in the video, but it could easily be an ability that needs to be held and aimed manually.

Ultimately, the abilities revealed will give the champion an interesting new playstyle. But as always, changes to the kit can happen throughout the process leading up to his eventual release.