Sneaky showcases the state of ADC in 2020 by dodging every skill shot and still dying


Photo via Riot Games

Sometimes you can do everything right and everything still goes wrong.

Former League of Legends pro Sneaky experienced the sorry state of the AD carry position during his Twitch broadcast last night. Despite a valiant effort, the streamer was unable to escape his certain death.

While pushing the bot wave in, Sneaky was surprised by the enemy Elise and Gragas looking to make worm’s meat out of him. Things initially looked grim, but the former pro was able to showcase his top-tier mechanics to survive as long as possible.

Sneaky first used Sivir’s Spell Shield (E) to nullify the damage from Gragas’ Hextech Protobelt. When the Rabble Rouser used Body Slam, the streamer effortlessly sidestepped it along with a barrel thrown on the ground. Elise attempted to lock down the AD carry with a Cocoon (E), but Sneaky easily outmaneuvered that skill shot as well.

Despite dodging every ability, the two enemies were able to kill the former pro under his tower anyway.

“Wow, they still killed me with a single skill shot not landed,” Sneaky said.

Many believe the marksman position to be the weakest of all five roles this season. To counteract ADCs’ weaknesses, bot laners have been opting for more unorthodox picks like Sett or Yasuo.

Fans eager to see some more high-level gameplay from Sneaky can tune into his Twitch channel.