Skarner player succumbs to 5 simultaneous Akshan ults in League’s One for All game mode

The Rogue Sentinels were out for blood.

Image via Riot Games

This year’s Coven event is accompanied by the return of One for All, the action-packed League of Legends game mode that allows all players on a single team to play as the same champion. Since its last iteration, a few more champions have been released and are now eligible to join in on the antics. But one champion stands out in particular: Akshan.

Reddit user u/divided_by_double showcased just how powerful the Rogue Sentinel can be in his debut in One for All—yet not specifically with his revive mechanic. Akshan’s Caitlyn-esque targeting ultimate proved to be too much for this Skarner player, especially when five Akshans ulted simultaneously on the same target.

After grabbing the Rift Herald, the Skarner player sought to remove the one Akshan that their team had vision on in their jungle, not knowing that four other Akshans were lurking in the bushes surrounding the area. Within seconds of closing in on the Akshan, all of the others revealed themselves, pressing their ultimates on the same target for an incoming total of 25 hard-hitting shots—with no turrets to protect Skarner from them.

What started off as a seemingly free kill ended in fear and frustration for the Skarner player, though also likely resulted in more vision around the map for his team to prevent this from happening again. Skarner and his team also likely experienced another fun interaction with the enemy team of Akshans and their capacity to revive their allies, though that was not displayed in this clip.

Players can experience fun and interactive strategies such as this one in the One for All game mode, which is now available alongside the Coven 2021 event. Both One for All and the Coven event will end on Sept. 14.

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