Side-by-side comparisons of Ezreal’s new skins remind us how much he needed this update

Ezreal is one handsome Prodigal Explorer.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed Ezreal’s new visual and ability update today, showing off his updated look in League of Legends alongside a brand-new ability that will replace his old W.

To celebrate, Reddit user Hana_Midorikawa created side-by-side comparisons of Ezreal’s old and new skin models to show just how much detail went into the champion’s much-needed visual update.

Image via [Hana_Midorikawa](

The changes are already noticeable when looking at his base model. This update has significantly increased his pretty-boy mantra. Just look at those lush golden locks—they could fit right into your Sunday morning anime program with ease.

One of the strangest changes, though, comes in the form of Ezreal’s Explorer skin. The weird green goggles are off of his eyes, and instead, they’re around his neck. And Ezreal now has a more snug-fit hat that makes him look ready to explore caves in search of treasure.

Image via [Hana_Midorikawa](

The biggest update has to be Ezreal’s Pulsefire design. The new model has a sleeker finish and it seems to fit more with the Pulsefire aesthetic that we’ve seen from the last few skins.

Image via [Hana_Midorikawa](

And this is just scratching the surface. All of Ezreal’s skins have received much-needed changes along with the new W ability, which seems to be some sort of large sphere that marks enemies. When it comes down to it, Riot has turned Ezreal into one handsome ADC.