ShowMaker and Viper are the only players left with no deaths at Worlds 2021

Two of the best players in the world remain deathless.

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

The first round-robin of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship group stage wrapped up yesterday and only four more days of action are ahead before the start of the tournament’s knockout stage. Each team has played three games so far, but only two names have yet to see the gray screen of death on-stage.

DWG KIA’s mid lane phenom ShowMaker and EDward Gaming’s fiery young AD carry Viper are the only players left in the tournament without a death. The two superstars have faced off against some great competition and now have a 35 and 32 KDA, respectively, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

ShowMaker has been essential at this tournament for DWG KIA, playing three different champions through three games against FunPlus Phoenix, Cloud9, and Rogue. He’s dominated the early laning phase of his games, sporting an average gold difference of 578 at 10 minutes, while also participating in 72.9 percent of his team’s kills.

Viper, on the other hand, has been an absolute machine for EDG from the bottom lane. Although he might not have the best early-game stats like ShowMaker, he has the third-highest average damage to champions in his role. He’s one of the most reliable late-game carries in the scene, which is why he is arguably the best ADC in the world.

He and his team have executed their mid-to-late game strategies to perfection, showing off great macro play and decision-making that would give them the best chance for success. As a team, EDG are tied for the second-least number of deaths of any group stage team, while also boasting the highest team KDA, according to Oracle’s.

Looking ahead, both teams are aiming to go undefeated in their group. There’s a pretty good shot for EDG to go 6-0 since they’ve only had dominant victories against their three opponents. For DWG KIA, however, they still need to take down FPX one more time—and you can bet that will be a match to watch when the tournament continues on Friday, Oct. 15.

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