Shan Shao’s Ridiculous Interview with EDG, LGD, and iG

SHAN SHAO: After 12 hours, we've arrived at the airport in Paris. Next to me are our players--and look, there's even LGD's players. This is Imp. Imp: Hi. Say hello to everyone~ Imp: Hello. What's on your hand?

SHAN SHAO: After 12 hours, we’ve arrived at the airport in Paris.  Next to me are our players–and look, there’s even LGD’s players. This is Imp.

Imp: Hi.

Say hello to everyone~

Imp: Hello.

What’s on your hand? (Shan Shao is referring to Imp’s new tattoo, a picture of Twitch). Can you still play?

Imp: Huh? (he’s having trouble understanding Chinese)


Imp: Uh… no?

Ah, you can’t. Okay, got it.

Imp: Bye bye~

Bye bye (laughs).

After arriving in Paris–how do you feel? Look up here (points to camera).

Meiko: I don’t know. It’s…cold. (runs away)

(in Cantonese) Next to me is our top laner, AmazingJ–this is his first time on the international stage.

AmazingJ: (in Cantonese) Do you have to speak Cantonese?

(in Cantonese) Let’s speak in Cantonese. Say a couple sentences.

AmazingJ: (in Cantonese) Hi everyone~ I’m the top laner–AmazingJ.

This is your first time in France. How do you feel?

AmazingJ: It’s really cold.

Is this your first time in France?

TBQ: (nods)

How do you feel?

TBQ: I don’t have any feelings about it. (points to monitor) It’s all English. I can’t understand it.

TBQ: I’ve joined EDG. Hi everyone! I’m EDG’s jungler. Ming Kai retired, so I’ve taken his place. Don’t forget me. I’m called TBQ.

KaKAO–are you cold?

KaKAO: (smiles sheepishly) Yes… it’s cold. But it’s not cold right now.

Rookie–are you cold?

Rookie: Not cold.

Not cold? How come you’re not cold?

Rookie: I don’t know. (laughs) Go ask him! (points to someone else)

How come everyone else is cold?

Rookie: (points to his seat buddy, who’s playing a game on his phone) This game is really fun.

Kid, you’re wearing the least amount of clothing of everyone. Aren’t you cold?

Kid: I’m not cold.

(points camera at GODV) This is China’s number one mid laner–GODV. Say hi to everyone.

GODV: This can’t be good.. hi everyone!

What’s your main goal coming to Paris?

GODV: Give me a really thick jacket–because I’m going to freeze to death!

That wasn’t what you said earlier! Say it again!

GODV: Hey–I did say that before! When I left the airport, I almost froze to death!

No–how about you say what you did earlier!

GODV: No–I’m serious. Please give me a thick jacket! Don’t put words into my mouth (laughs).

Didn’t you say you wanted our EDG jersey?

GODV: Ah, right, right! Give me an EDG jersey!

Such handsome hair~ here’s Zz1tai!

Zz1tai: (waves)