Sett’s competitive debut with LNG Esports ends in a loss against TOP Esports

League's newest champion fell flat in his first start.

Image via Riot Games

There was plenty of excitement surrounding the release of League of Legends’ newest gangster boss champion, Sett. But this hype hasn’t translated to success on the professional stage since LNG Esports lost with him in his competitive debut earlier today.

A lot of Sett’s weaknesses were exploited by TOP Esports, who played mainly ranged champions in the composition, like Vladimir, Lucian mid, and Miss Fortune. They also had plenty of peel and disengage with Nautilus and Gragas but great pick potential that was shown throughout the game.

As a result, Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun was forced to play from behind, especially after he was successfully ganked at the five-minute mark. He was also picked off at key moments in the match and the rest of his team wasn’t strong enough to counter the teamfighting strength that TOP brought.

Sett’s low range was a huge problem from Flandre, who was constantly kited down by Bai “369” Jia-Hao and Zhuo “Knight” Ding. He had no choice but to walk up to the enemy to get a chance to attack, but there was too much peel and ranged damage to become effective.

Although Sett might be an exciting champion to watch, his kit might not be as useful on the competitive stage since coordinated teams can play around his abilities and avoid bunching up for a well-placed ultimate.