Senna’s abilities have been revealed

She could be an extremely strong champ both in solo queue and pro play.

Image via Riot Games

The abilities for League of Legends’ newest champion, Senna, have finally been unveiled.

Lying somewhere in between a support and a marksman, she has a plethora of abilities that allow her to aid allies and destroy enemies with a single shot. These ability names aren’t official, however, and they might change when Riot officially reveals the new champion.

Senna’s passive is Absolution. When enemies are tagged by the Mist from her W, she can attack them to absorb the Mist and strengthen her auto attacks and her Q. The range, attack damage, and critical strike chance of both scale with how much Mist she has absorbed (presumably up to a cap). This means that the longer the game goes on, the further away Senna will be able to poke from. 

Senna’s Q is extremely reminiscent of her husband Lucian’s Q. She’ll fire a shot that will both heal her allies (including Senna) if the projectile passes through them but also damage enemies at the same time. The name of Senna’s ability, Piercing Darkness, is the opposite of Lucian’s Q, Piercing Light. It’s a line skillshot that can target both allies and enemies at the same time, but has to be targeted. It seems like Senna can target towers and wards to hit champions that are outside of her targeting range, but not outside the ability’s range, or champs that are invisible to take a shot at them in the dark.

Senna’s W is a line skillshot that marks an enemy with Mist. While this also synergizes with her passive, after a few seconds, the Fog will detonate and root all nearby enemies. This should be a good ability in lane since it’ll limit the ability of supports or bot laners with mobility to tank incoming crowd control to protect their counterpart. The ability will be a quick one-two punch with her Q, letting Senna maximize the healing and damage components of the ability. 

Curse of the Black Mist, Senna’s E, could be one of the most broken abilities in all of League. Much like Pyke, when Senna casts her E, she’ll camouflage herself with mist in a radius around her, unable to be seen by enemies. But the movement speed buff and the camouflage doesn’t apply to just her—it applies to all allies inside the radius. This means that you can quickly save a teammate from an incoming gank.

What seems to be the most broken part, however, is the ability’s offensive capabilities. When allies leave the cloud of mist, they’re seen as ghostly phantoms—think spooky versions of Yorick’s ghouls—that can’t be attacked or targeted until they attack or come within a certain radius of an enemy.

Senna’s ultimate, tentatively named Shadow of the Dawn, is effectively her Q on steroids. Her ultimate is a global ray that shields allies caught in the blast but deals heavy damage to enemies at the same time. This has massive potential in teamfights since a chunk of damage onto all enemies while simultaneously shielding allies is a huge health swing with a single ability—it could easily turn the tables of a fight. 

Senna already looks like an extremely fun champion and she’ll be dropping onto the PBE later today for players to test out. But with this much utility and potential loaded into her kit, there’s a chance that she’ll see significant number tuning before she comes to the live servers. 

Riot developer August Browning has previously said that Riot is happy for Senna to toe the line between a marksman and a support, but support Senna will always take priority when it comes to balance changes.