Senna trailer and biography hint at potential abilities for League’s upcoming champion

The champion hits the PBE on Oct. 29.

Image via Riot Games

Amidst all the new content and titles unveiled by Riot Games during its 10-year anniversary event, fans were informed of a new champion hitting the Rift⁠—Senna.

An action-packed trailer and a haunting biography were revealed for the support marksman yesterday. The teasers may hint at what Senna’s abilities are, according to a tweet today from Riot senior champ designer October “August” Browning.

While the only hints Browning gave were to look closely at the two champion teasers, there’s plenty of information that suggests what Senna’s potential abilities are.

Shield Shot

Browning alluded to one of Senna’s skills making an appearance in the “Shadow’s Embrace” trailer. After being released from her prison, the Redeemer pulls out a monstrous relic-stone gun and fires it at her husband, Lucian.

Since her biography explains that Senna learned to “channel her soul into light,” the support marksman likely showcases that with the shield that surrounds Lucian. The shield blocks Thresh’s hook and it knocks the Chain Warden back with a deadly force.

The ability may work by firing a shield at your bot lane partner, which bounces any crowd control (CC) back at the controller. Senna might also be able to shoot through her teammate, shielding them and dealing damage to the enemy at the same time.

Mist Explosion

Senna’s biography explains that she understands the suffering of the souls in the Mist when she draws them in.

“Though it is painful, she draws their Mist into herself, liberating them, and blasting darkness with darkness,” according to the bio.

And after Senna is released from Thresh’s lantern in the trailer, she’s seemingly surrounded by smokey vapors and the souls of the Chain Warden’s unlucky victims.

The support marksman may be able to draw in souls, similar to the way Thresh’s passive ability works. But instead of being granted permanent armor and ability power, Senna can potentially emit an explosion of dark energy that deals splash damage.

Wraith form

The upcoming champion’s biography explains that she struggles to survive, tiptoeing the thin line between life and death. 

“Embracing her death every time she transforms into a wraith, she becomes like those she fought, only to be reborn again thanks to the life infecting her,” according to Senna’s bio.

When death’s embrace overcomes her, Senna can potentially transform into a wraith. It’s unclear what she’s capable of doing in this form, but it’d likely be a temporary state similar to Swain or Aatrox.

Riot hasn’t confirmed any of this information. The company will likely keep Senna’s abilities under wraps until she goes live on the Public Beta Environment on Oct. 29.