When is Senna releasing on League’s PBE server?

She's coming this month.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ announcements last night were filled with new game reveals, but the company also catered to League of Legends fans with news about the game. One crucial piece of information is the release of the game’s first support marksman champion, Senna.

Her reveal trailer confirmed she’s closely related to the lore of Thresh since she was one of the souls trapped in his lantern. Lucian is her husband, which was known for some time thanks to his biography. 

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Players will be able to test her on the PBE on Oct. 29, Riot said. Although we have little information about her abilities, the part of the trailer that shows her covering and protecting Lucian with an energy shot of her gun makes it look like she’ll be able to give her allies a shield. For now, that’s the most we know about her in terms of gameplay.

Senna as a support champion and Lucian as an AD carry could mean that Riot is planning special interactions between the two, similar to what Xayah and Rakan have. The range of Rakan’s ability Battle Dance is increased when cast on Xayah and he gets the effects of Xayah’s Deadly Plumage when he’s close to her. But so far, Riot hasn’t commented on if it has plans to add similar interactions between League’s new couple.

When Senna is on the PBE, players will have full access to her abilities and will be able to test the best item combos for her. The Oct. 29 release date should also include the 2020 Preseason patch, in which major changes to Dragons, items, and Summoner’s Rift will be tested.